Street Fighter x Tekken

What is one way to take two epic games and make them better? Team them up and pit them against each other in the ring. Capcom is famous for crossovers that have left fans eager for more. Now they have decided to place their famous Capcom character against the Tekken crew in Street Fighter x Tekken. There is no shortage of fan love for Street Fighter x Tekken as the Tekken team leaves their 3D world and enters 2D.

The mechanics of Street Fighter x Tekken are amazing and leave the player feeling totally in control. The player will almost instinctively know what buttons are needed to execute their favorite combo. This fluid movement style is a great perk that players will truly enjoy.

The graphics for the game are very pleasing to the eye. The player is given the illusion of a 3D world while still staying in a 2D environment. The main obstacle that players will face is not paying too much attention to the background since there is so much going on.

The two-on-two combat style is also an aspect that some new players will have to get comfortable with. You can tag in teammates at a moments notice and even continue combos. Once a player masters this it is a very effective tool that players can unleash on their opponents.

Street Fighter x Tekken has so much to offer that fans of the genre simply can't pass it up. This solid crossover is one that will leave players coming back for more.

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