A Classic Game With a Modern Quality: Dr. Mario World Review

Mario and friends is a classic Nintendo game, and those belonging to the Millennial group probably know this game. However, the company expanded Mario’s story to different varieties, and one of the top-rated is Dr. Mario World. It is a cutesie and addicting game that almost feels like Tetris, but its rules are different.

It is way slower than the other Mario games, and you have more time to strategize your next move here. It also comes with more features that improve the game’s flavor. It is a fantastic way to enjoy Mario’s world with new characters onboard.

If you are wondering what else you should look forward to in this game, here is an overview of Dr. Mario World’s features and what you should expect out of this colorful game.

Gameplay Review

Dr. Mario World’s gameplay is simple and straightforward. All you need is to launch a pill capsule that will remove the viruses on your screen. The pill should hit the virus that has the same color as it. You have the option to rotate the pill or move it horizontally as it moves upwards. Your goal is to clear all the viruses and move to the next level.

As you go higher, the difficulty level also increases. Some viruses are on frozen blocks while others are caged. You have to target and break them multiple times before they crack open and fully hit the enemies to kill them. You will see a skill level meter on each of your games, and you will be able to upgrade it twice in every game.

As mentioned, this mobile game has new characters that you will not find on other Mario games. They are Dr. Toad, Dr. Yoshi, and Dr. Peach, among others. These assistants will help you get more coins, remove items on your screen, or remove a full column. You can switch to another character apart from Dr. Mario as you get past level five.

One that makes it similar to other color-matching games is your chances are limited to five hearts only. If you use up all of them, you will need to wait a few minutes to fill a single life. The game is monetized through currencies and in-app purchases as it is a free-play mobile game.

Graphics and Audio Review

As a new and improved game, the graphics of Dr. Mario World is far better than the other Mario games. Also, it has a remix of the classic music backgrounds, which adds to its modern and futuristic look.

The game is simple and easy to maneuver, and the visual display gets the job done of providing you a fun, colorful, and animated scene each time you play a game.

Overall Experience

This game is best for all ages. It is simple to accomplish because it does not require a lot of commands. If you are familiar with color-matching games like Candy Crush or Homescapes, Dr. Mario World is a no-brainer to you. It also comes with new mechanics that make the entire experience brand new and different.

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