Alien: Fireteam Elite Review: Best Multiplayer Game

Most people play video games to unwind from a stressful week. Whether it’s a long week of nothing but studying or working, a good game can ease the stress. Moreover, if you’re playing a shooting game, you’ll even enjoy playing.

Shooting games give more fun than other genres because the feeling of being able to defeat someone through tactical is exceptional. Whether you’re trying to survive in a field of zombies, or soldiers, shooting games is always worth the time.

If you want to encounter a new level of this genre, Cold Iron Studios released a new game about aliens. If you’re a fan of the Aliens’ film trilogy, you’ll love this game. Here’s the Alien: Fireteam Elite review to check out.

Game Information

  • Released Date: August 24, 2021
  • Developer: Cold Iron Studios
  • Publisher: Cold Iron Studios
  • Genre: Third-person Shooter
  • Consoles: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5


The Alien: Fireteam Elite video game is based on the film Alien, and this film is a trilogy. The game is the second file of the trilogy. The story focuses on the sequel to the first movie entitled “Alien.”

The player takes a Colonial Marine role on board, which is in the USS Endeavor. It’s a spaceship assigned to answer a call from outer colonies. However, this game comes with five character classes. You can either be a Recon, Doc, Technician, Gunner, and Demolisher. The goal is to contain the Xenomorph threat.


You can play this game in multiplayer mode, and it’s a third-person shooter genre. It’s very alike to other squad-based shooting games, like Left 4 Dead. You can choose from five role classes, and the entire game comes with four-story campaigns. Every campaign comes with three missions, and you have two allies, which you can control or let the computer control.

When it comes to the level of difficulties, there are five. It makes it more challenging and fun, especially if you’re into action and suspense. Aside from the five difficulty levels, there are 20 enemies, including character development and weapon customization. This gameplay is very impressive for a single game compared to Left 4 Dead, even when gamers compare it with this game.

What’s exceptional about this game is how you can group a team with three shooters, all under the third-person point-of-view. You have to take on different types of enemies, and the best part about this challenge is taking on 11 various Xenomorphs.

On another note, the Local co-op is not working, but online matchmaking is available in private and public. Without these options, you can still play the game without any interruption. This limitation will not stop you from building your team.

Since you can play this game on your personal computer or PC, PlayStation 4 or 5, and Xbox, playing it with your friends would be the best thing to do since it’s a multiplayer mode. Most gamers prefer it on PC, but if you and your friends can control PS or Xbox better, it’s always up to you.


The Alien: Fireteam Elite may be new in the video game market, but it has been the gamers’ topic, thanks to its gameplay and other features. Some even say that the game is better than the movie.

The gameplay has an excellent approach, and you’ll love the deep progression system as you continue to play the game, making it more fun and exciting. The narrative of the game is also exceptional as modern entries influence it, like Prometheus. Playing it is straightforward, meaning you only need to kill the enemies. You can upgrade your weapons or skill, but the target is still killing enemies.

The weapons are another good point about the game because you can customize your weapon. Aside from that, you can customize it with three attachments. You can improve the weapon’s effectiveness to make it stronger than your enemies’ skills. Plus, you can add unique skills, like restoring ammo into the magazine on every precise kill. Also, the attachments make the combat-rating better than other games, where you check with merchants from the hub for hidden caches to let you unlock more gadgets.

Since you can choose from five classes, you can unlock exclusive abilities suitable for your selected class. If you’re a Gunner, you can access the CQC and rifle slot, letting you use the shotgun. If you’re a Tactician, you can use a small sidearm weapon, along with the CQC weapon, letting you access a shock grenade or a deployable turret. This game lets you customize every class with many modifiers until you can level up.

Another feature that catches the attention of games is how the enemies you matched with influence how you choose your weapon, customize your classes or equip attachments. There’s a deep pool of androids and aliens in the game, which will add challenge to every area you encounter, like the Prowler or the Drone. Once you start playing this game, you’ll have an adrenaline rush throughout your gaming time because of the enemies.

You can also buy consumables, which you might find handy when you’re on the run. Some of the consumables include ammunition, recon drones for damaging enemies, or different elemental mines. There are also challenge cards available, which you can activate before you start the game. You’ll find these challenge cards handy when restoring health or reloading ammunition because these can give you more.

The game’s graphics are exceptional, regardless if you play it on your PC, Xbox, or PS console. The surrounding gets the vibe as if you’re in an apocalypse, and the aliens are undoubtedly scary. The sound effects will not disappoint you, which is why playing it on bigger screens will give you the best gaming experience. Plus, the attention-to-detail of the developer makes the game better.

Since this game is a multiplayer shooting game, the mission design is not very impressive. Since your goal is to kill enemies, the game focuses on how you can fight with enemies rather than how you can achieve or finish missions. If you like playing games with objectives, quests or missions, you may not find this one interesting at all.

If you’re used to playing a shooting game alone, you may not enjoy this game. Playing this game can enhance your strategizing skills, which works well if you have a team. Teamwork is better when you’re playing this game because there are too many enemies in the area. Playing it alone may bore you.


The Alien: Fireteam Elite’s performance is satisfying, which is why many games gave an above-average rating. It has many excellent features compared to features that the developer can still improve. In overall feedback, this game is worth the experience.

The graphics are a stand-out among the features because of their exceptional visual presentation. Plus, the eye-catching effects gave justice to the Alien franchise. Some even say the graphics are better than the file. Plus, the sound quality will give you chills because it makes the game thrilling and exciting at the same time. It’s unlike the creepy sound on Resident Evil, which is why you’ll feel more challenged than scared.

There are many chances for customization for weapons, skills, abilities, and even gameplay through challenge cards. You can make your game harder for the rest of your team to enjoy. After all, this game doesn’t aim to be an easy one. You can engagingly change the rules, which is what a lot of games admire.

Also, choosing from five different classes or roles is a feature that most gamers admire. Different classes perform different skills and abilities, which are necessary when building a strong team. Since you can customize your team, you can strategize with your friends who get the role of a Gunner or a Tactician. If you’re battling with another team composed of customized players, you’ll find the customization feature of the game handy.

On the other hand, this game still needs further improvements on the level objectives. The objectives are the same as if you’re moving in a pattern, and it bores other games, leading them not to finish the game anymore. The bright side of this game is that you don’t have to worry about finishing anything. All you need to do is to win with your team.

Aside from the objectives, the mileage of playing solo has limitations. Playing a solo version is easier compared to the multiplayer mode. If you want a worthwhile time playing this game, it’s better to establish a team.

If you want something exciting to play or up for some alien action games, you should try Alien: Fireteam Elite. It’s not only focusing on how challenging the game can be, with a bit of suspense, but it also aims to improve your skills in leading a team or strategizing. Plus, it gives justice to the Alien franchise, which is why it’s worth the time.

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