Apex Legends – One Of The Best Battlefield Games

Apex Legends, a multiplayer game by EA (Electronic Arts), is continuing its hold in the gaming world. It has become one of the famous battlefield games played online. And with each passing day, it is increasing its popularity worldwide. So, this gaming review is for all those who are interested and planning to become a member of it.

Titanfall Universe

Apex Legends is based on the Titanfall universe. It is a game in duration between the Titanfall 2 and the upcoming Titanfall 3. Therefore, in this multiplayer game, you can come across the period after the war of Titanfall. The theme suits the multiplayer theme of battle, loot, and interaction. After the war of Titanfall 2, the world is in chaos, and it is beautifully portrayed in the gaming functions.

The EA team has also included nearly same weapons in the Apex Legends as the Titanfall. This links both of the games together in the Titanfall universe. There are some changes in the weapons style because of the different themes of the games. In Titanfall, the games are basically Arena shooters and you can respawn within a second. Whereas in the Apex Legends, the focus is more on looting and having control over weapons. Here each game is a fight for survival.

No Titans

The Apex Legends has omitted including any Titans in the game. Now you would think, why there is no Titans in the Titanfall theme. It is because the games are set in the same universe, but the themes are different. The former games need trained pilots and titans for surviving. Whereas in Apex Legends, the theme is more suitable for anyone and everyone.

Apex Legends

The Apex Legends is definitely a Titanfall story but is set after the Frontier War. This means the story lies after the events of the Battle of Typhon and the Apex Games. The war is over, and so the competitive feeling of blood sport and looting is in place.

Every match you will play shall declare a Champion, who is normally the winner of the last match. This player has 500xp bonus bounty on their head. There is also a Kill Leader in each game, who is the leading killer. All of these are announced during the matchmaking the environment more competitive and fun.

Great Communication System

The era of the commination system is wild and burning in this world. These days, each game has some manner of communication, either voice or chatting. However, with Apex Legends, EA has come up with a revolutionary ping communication system. This system helps in communicating with online players without typing or saying anything. This feature occurs handy, especially when you are playing with a team that consists of players from different corners of the world.

The system of a single ping and double ping conveys different messages to your team player. The message is also followed with an arrow demonstrating to you. This helps in conveying the message that there is an area worth loot. The communication is quite free-flowing and legit that makes the game experience fun and interactive.

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