Aragami 2 Review: Best Stealth Game for Assassins-wannabe

Gamers have their genre preference, but most enjoy playing adventure games. Most gamers would prefer a game where they can continue where their last checkpoint is. However, some enjoy playing games that will end after certain rounds, like tactical games, because they can play with their friends.

On another note, action-adventure games are also in demand, especially gamers who enjoy fighting enemies through weapons of abilities. Most games with a Japanese theme leave good impressions on gamers, especially if you’re very competitive. If you want to play a new video game genre that can aid your stress, here’s the Aragami 2 review to check out. You’ll know why gamers talk about it a lot.

Game Information

  • Released Date: September 17, 2021
  • Developer: Lince Works
  • Publisher: Merge Games and Lince Works
  • Genre: Action-adventure, Stealth
  • Console: PlayStation 5


A girl named Yamiko summoned Aragami one night through astral projection after an army of light adepts. Yamiko is a girl who’s a Kaiho’s captive. She described the tyrants who occupied their land from Nisshoku, which the Shadow Empress led. She also claimed that after winning the battle, the oppressors jailed the Empress, along with the retainer of the main temple of Nisshoku, which includes her. She needs the help of Aragami in freeing them, but she requests six talismans to unlock the cell. Aragami has the night to free them or else, he will fade out because of the sunlight. It is where the adventure of Aragami begins.

Aragami saves the talismans, but it triggers strange memories. The protagonist saw the previous life of Yamiko when she was an orphan, and she was hiding in the mountains. She’s with the advisor of the Shadow Empress, Hyo. He also saw another memory with wielded light, concluding that these are from his enemy, who he needs to kill. He’ll need to explore the area to find all talismans before they save Yamiko and the rest.

In Aragami 2, the story is in a war-torn land, which is in Rashomon. The setup was 100 years after the first story, which involved Yamiko. The story continues where he needs to save his clan, which is the Kurotsuba clan, and he needs to save it from the curse. Moreover, the Akatsuki clan also enslaves them.


In this action-adventure and stealth game, you need to control Aragami, the shadow spirit, and complete all the game’s missions. You’ll control him from a third-person perspective. This time, there are open maps, and you can play this game in many pathways to complete the mission. There’s also a combat system where you need to kill your enemy lethally.

When you complete your mission, you can upgrade your skills and attacks to aid in your cautious plans. There are also weapons involved as you explore the area, trying to save Aragami’s clan from the curse. The developer introduced a combat system on this video game similar to the game Ghost of Tsushima. However, there are some areas where the timings on misses and hits are not very impressive.

The game focuses on accomplishing the missions, and you’ll find these in your mission board, which the Akatsuchi clan requests. When it comes to the quests, it will give you an Assassin’s Creed-style.


The Aragami 2 video game is one of the best stealth games that gamers can’t get enough of, and if you’re wondering why here are some features to keep in mind.

The gameplay has different themes, depending on whether you’re doing a quest or fighting your enemies. The quest part will remind you of Assassin’s Creed if you already played it, while the combat system will remind you of the game Ghost of Tsushima. Aside from that, the game can be challenging if you’re up for some challenges because this time, the game’s protagonist needs to save his clan. You’ll encounter more shadow spirits that will undoubtedly give you the challenge you want for this game.

The graphics are another thing that gamers commend because the 3D graphic suits everything about the game. The surroundings are exceptional, making it look most realistic. Moreover, the characters look appealing as well. Aside from that, the mission board is readable, giving you ease to see what the next goals or objectives to do.

Also, the combat system of this video game is another reason to love it. As you progress throughout the game, you can upgrade your shadow skills and weapons. It can be brutal since there are parts of the games where you have to kill your enemy lethally, but there’s nothing off with it.


The Aragami 2 video game gathered an above-average rating from gamers because of its reasonable features. Many gamers appreciate the game, but some think it still needs a lot of improvements.

The game’s graphics are one of its good features because the design of the surroundings and characters are detailed. You’ll love how the graphics team designed Aragami on this sequel. Plus, the details on the screen, like instructions, mission board, and lifeline of the character, are very clear. You will not have a hard time reading these.

The storyline also attracted many gamers because, in this story, the assassin will have to save his clan from the curse and enslavement. Every time he progresses to another level, you get chances to upgrade his weapons or skills.

On the other hand, some gamers didn’t appreciate the gameplay because they found it too simple and challenging. There are quests aside from main objectives, which drags the game longer, but these are not very appealing to other gamers. Plus, the option to kill enemies brutally doesn’t please the rest of the gamers.

Nonetheless, a good stealth game is what you need to unwind from a stressful week in the office or a week of studying. If you enjoy adventure games with a lot of action, you should consider playing the Aragami 2 video game, especially if you played the first version. It’s not too difficult to understand, but you might still find the combat style a bit challenging if you’re not familiar with this kind of style.

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