Art and Catharsis: Gris Review

Beautiful, mystical, and sad are three things that sum up Gris. The mindblowing part about this game is how it makes something depressing so beautiful that you forgot the sadness of the protagonist’s story?

It moves you in ways with no texts and narrators involved. All you see are artworks that change at each level, and it will surprise you that you understand what they are trying to convey. It is mysterious, and it is not. There is no interaction involved, but you will get that urge to help this girl find her way out of this wilderness.

Below is a concise review of what you should expect once you download Gris and start playing this lovely game.

Gameplay Review

This puzzle-platformer has a unique and indulging art style that makes each level exciting. Reaching its end may send tears to your eyes or leave you a message that will make you wonder your whole life. It starts, and it is not never-ending. Once you get yourself into its loop, all you want is to get her out.

Gris has a story, even if no words and dialogues are exchanged. There is gameplay even if there is no one to kill, no villains, but one antagonist. That is the sadness that tries to eat up your character, and it’s in your hands to save her from this madness.

Its game developer, the Nomada Studio, has successfully mainstreamed a subtle game that attacks the issue of mental health. Its expression of emotions is through different graphics, from black and pink colors for a garden and Earth colors for a tower. Everything about it is beautiful and colorful, but not in an animated way.

In every puzzle that you finish, you will gain a power that will help you cross bridges, crack rocks, and overpower the wind and storm. You can jump and move from left to right. Each puzzle does not involve any heavily texted instructions. You have to figure them out on your own. Some are difficult and mind-boggling that you would spend a few hours finishing the task.

It is indeed a game that does not involve many movements, but the feelings it conveys will move you emotionally.

Graphics and Audio Quality

You will love the graphics and audio of this game. It is light and stress-relieving even if its story is not as happy as you would get from other games. Each artwork they use for each level are different in their ways, and they are packaged with a smooth musical that turns the entire gaming experience an orchestra of emotions.

Overall Experience

Do not expect that you will be killing someone in this game. You have fewer commands and controls to remember, and the only time you will feel a little stressed is if you stumble upon a difficult puzzle. Overall, this game is an excellent way to relax on the weekend. Because of its alluring imagery, you will not notice that you have spent more than three hours helping Gris find her way.

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