Axiom Verge 2 Review: One of the Best Pixelated Games to Play

The best way to enjoy your time during weekends is by playing a good game on your PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, or PC. A fun and challenging game will undoubtedly aid your stress for a long week of hard work, especially when you’re playing an action game.

Many gamers prefer playing action games because it’s a way to get away from the real world and focus on a new world, which is what they are playing. It’s an escape, and there are many games to consider. Moreover, pixelated games are also one of the most played games, regardless of any gaming console.

Games like Stardew Valley, Minecraft, or Castlevania are popular when it comes to pixelated games. The art gives a good vibe even when you’re playing for long hours, and there are also other pixelated games you should try. If you want a new gaming experience, like a mix of Castlevania and Metroid, here’s the Axiom Verge 2 review.

Game Information

  • Released Date: August 11, 2021
  • Developer: Thomas Happ Games
  • Publisher: Thomas Happ Games
  • Genre: Metroidvania
  • Console: PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC


This video game is a sequel of Axiom Verge, released in 2015, and it follows the story of its prequel.

The main protagonist, Trace, is a scientist who runs a lab experiment located in New Mexico, US. An explosion knocked him out, and he ended up waking inside an egg-shaped machine, which is in Sudra, an alien world. There’s a voice that will lead Trace to a powerful gun, which is the Axiom Disruptor, and he’ll explore the world using it for protection. He’ll face massive monsters called Athetos, and every time he dies, he goes back to the egg-shaped machine where he woke up.

In Axiom Verge 2, Indra Chaudhari, a billionaire, tracks down her missing daughter. She took on the adventure in an abandoned Antarctic research station, which can relate to the first version. As she tries to explore the world further, she’ll encounter different enemies and explore ancient places with deserts, lakes, mountains, and ruins of civilization.


Axiom Verge 2 is an action-adventure game, and it uses a pixelated graphic design. You’ll play it in a third-person point-of-view as if you’re playing the original Castlevania. You will control Indra as she explores the world of the Antarctic, trying to find her daughter. You’ll climb to cross terrains, you’ll battle enemies through hacking, and you’ll also encounter venturing off your remote drone.


After the success of the first sequel, this video game is next for gamers to try. Here are some of the game features you’ll love about the game and why it’s one of the best-pixelated games now.

The graphics are its best feature, and everything is pleasing in the eyes. The graphic artists did an exceptional job in creating everything in a fun, pixel world. It’s an action game, but there’s added fun when you play because of the art. The scenes are impressive, focusing on details. The character and enemies’ designs are also exceptional, which is why many play it. Despite having a thrilling vibe, like Castlevania, playing this game is not scary because of the fun pixels.

The concept is also impressive. Even though gamers kept on comparing this game with Castlevania, the concept is different from it. You get to explore a different dimension, and you can explore the world at your own pace. There’s no need to rush in finishing the game. Aside from that, you don’t just walk one dimension to another. You can explore different abilities, which you will use in fighting enemies.

The game time is not very long compared to other games. You can finish the game in 10 hours, even at your own pace. The storyline is enough for the gameplay, and the scenes are also interesting. Playing the game is not very hassling at all. There’s fun with a bit of a challenge because you’ll have to explore different places, which is a lot in the game. You might even get lost if you’re not using the map well, which adds difficulty to the game. If you’re not a navigator in real life, you’ll learn many navigation skills as you play this game.

Another fun feature of this video game is the labyrinth map. At first, you’ll start exploring the snowy tundra of the area. After that, you’ll end up exploring a flooded temple and arid desert. The detailed environments will leave you in awe, and there’s a sense of scale that can extend further the 2D foreground.

When it comes to combat, it’s not very brutal, but it’s not boring too. Before, the character used a boomerang or pickaxe, but now, you can also hack your mechanized enemies. You can sow the enemies down, or you can also stop them from using the weapon. Once you encounter bulldozing a room of drones, you’ll find it very satisfying. Nonetheless, attacking the enemies is straightforward with the hack-and-slash combat system.

Others say that it’s a downplayed-combat system. This genre will lock the character in a limited space once you reach the boss level, but the attack’s speed can still do better. On the other hand, it’s fun to face a flying machine using a ram’s head, yet there are no patterns you can memorize, which is also a downside of the game. Battling boss fights may not make you feel very glorious after the fight, but the overall difficulty level is enough to enjoy the game.

You’ll enjoy the sound as it draws harmonies from different music traditions. Aside from that, the punch synth sound effects add a fun vibe to the game, like Stardew Valley. You’ll feel as if you’re a kid playing when you’re playing this video game.

Aside from the map, there are other fun features, and one is the urns. You can obtain a new power once you open these, as well as abilities.  You can use it while battling mechanized enemies or even the boss. There’s also a compass you can use as you navigate while playing the game. When you get closer to an urn, the light of the compass goes in that direction.

The Save Shrines are also interesting in the game. When you stop and reach one of the shrines, some part of you remains there. When you need to respawn, you can always come back to where you left. It makes the game a bit challenging because if you’ve come a long way, but you died in a level, you’ll have to get back and do everything again.


Axiom Verge 2 received an average rating from most gamers, unlike the first version. There are good features that games admire, but there are also many features that the developer can still improve for this game.

This video game has an edge on its graphics because of its pixel art. Gamers will always want to play a game with this kind of graphics because it’s very relieving in the eyes. Many enjoyed playing the game because of the graphics, and they continue to play to explore the different areas, revealing how the graphics would look like. Plus, the sound effects and soundtracks complement the graphics and storyline, making it more interesting.

Another good feature admired by most gamers is the storyline. It doesn’t drag the game too long, and every time the story continues, you’ll unlock interesting and fun stories related to the protagonist. Since it’s a mother-and-daughter story, you’ll love the plot of this game’s story.

Also, the concept of the game impressed most gamers. It’s not a continued story of the previous version, but the first and this game relate somehow. If you played the prequel, you would understand this game further. There are few changes, and the concept is still the same.

The map can somehow be complicated, which is why other gamers think it’s not very handy. It doesn’t show handy information that you might not enjoy if you’re dependent on maps for navigation. It might even give you a hard time to finish the game if the map is a little bit hassling.

Another feature that needs massive improvement is boss fights. These are supposed to be challenging and thrilling, but boss fights in this game are not special. You might not even remember how you kill a boss because the hack-and-slash combat system of the game doesn’t blend well during these levels.

Lastly, the combat system is one-dimensional. When you fight certain enemies, you know you will not have a hard time defeating those. Others may understand that there’s nothing too much to expect on the combat system because the game is on pixels, but unlike Stardew Valley, this game doesn’t show too much action on combating.

Nonetheless, this video game will not waste your time. If you’re tired of playing the same game with 3D graphics and need something new, playing, this game might give you a good gaming experience. The storyline is impressive, and if you’re enjoying games where you have to explore a lot of areas, searching for someone, Axiom Verge 2 is perfect for you.

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