Battlefield V Game Review

Battlefield V is beyond a mere game perk. It is well optimized and visually impressive with the best and highly detailed destruction in a game in recent times, highly blended with stunning weather and lighting effects and other things that a player will not even take notice of. Battlefield V was released to the market on November 15, 2018, and it has gained prominence and generating a lot of streaming while generating review waves within game-lovers’ comity. Battlefield V comes in two genres; First-person shooter and the Battle Royale. Also, it has two modes, Single-player and Multiplayer. It is a carefully-developed game by EA DICE and published by EA. Being the 16th in the Battlefield series was officially released to Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 30, 2018. Pre-order of Deluxe edition had the opportunity to access the game since 15th November.  Battlefield V continues to delve into the World War II from the precursor of Battlefield 1.

What is new about Battlefield V

Battlefield V

The multi-player mode now has limited incentives to coordinate with your playing squad. Also, lost health regeneration does not extend beyond a certain level unless with a Medkit which means you have only access to only one if you are not Medics.  You will witness a dearth of ammunition reserves because most weapons now have just two extra magazines at game onset. This is where the support of your teammates becomes imperative.  Shortage of resources (attrition system) can push a player to take more risks than normal to search either for help from lost squad members or going on scavenging ammunition from enemy corpses. Going in search of a friendly Medic or searching out a supply station could earn you frustration and expose you to more risks.

For the current multiplayer modes, Battlefield V has a better default mechanics for the hardcore. While time to kill is far reduced, and health regeneration is now limited, and spotting have become more cumbersome. All these new features may seem like a ‘team-playing aid short-circuited, but shooting is much better now with Battlefield V. The revisions are making things better than adopting the whole lot of old hardcore rules. Though it takes lesser time to kill, snipers’ surprise rifles are now less lethal.

Some gadgets have replaced the snipping 3D spotting device for the red circle on your enemy. This will also enhance a player to stay engaged and alert while in action and emphasize the role of team-play and better gunplay.

Another power point of the team-play is the new addition of anyone to revive a squad-mate irrespective of class. The lengthy animations make the action riskier. Medics are very valuable in this game adventure for their double roles not limited to squad revival only but can equally revive allies faster.

There is a distinct class identity in Battlefield V due to the attrition system. When running out of ammo, the likelihood of unlimited Medkits supply or probability of ammo punches restores a feeling of a superpower to you.

Some Facelifts That Make Battlefield V Unique

Battlefield V witnessed a big change on how the weapons are customized as very ‘scope and sight’ accessible to any weapon is standardized any need to unlock multiple options of the same gun. This is another well-thought-out sync.

There is an adaptation of the large-scale first-person shooter skill of WA brand, with a new touch, and upgrades it with some add-ons.  The map design makes it well balanced between teams and much better balanced also between classes than what it was in Battlefield 1. Also, it eliminates the weird browser-based Battle-log method necessary for match-making in Battlefield 3 and 4. It eliminates the progression loot boxes from the games. It totally avoids those things reminiscent of all the tricky systems, designs and presentation of Star Wars Battlefront titles. Great achievement!

This is a game that many video-game lovers will enjoy as it continues to take its rightful position in the market. There may be some intricacies that come with this new Battlefield V – multi-player system, but players will soon get to understand better how to navigate their ways in the battles.


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