Most Beautiful Shooters On PC: Destiny 2 Review

Destiny 2 is the next top-of-the-line lifestyle game being a world-class shooter along with chill time with colleagues and friends. It is a first-person action game, an evolution of the first Destiny.

The game boasted its crafted and compelling story and a new beginning that both casual and competitive players can appreciate. An action shooter, Destiny 2 can take players on an epic journey all around the solar system. There, you can enter a new world that is filled with a lot of fascinating characters you can fight with.

You can do this on your own or battle alongside your friends with a series of multiple cooperative modes. The Destiny 2 review also commends the game for its intense multiplayer matches.

This action shooter also includes up to 4K scalable resolution, an adjustable field of view, an uncapped framerate, and support for unique and ultrawide monitor configurations.

Bombastic Opening Mission

One of the best things about Destiny 2 is the promising opening mission, the Campaign. It starts with the Dominus Ghaul, a villain, attacking the Last City of humanity. It is considered the best in this genre with its angry storm clouds that fill the famous skyboxes and the missile fires.

The climax of the Campaign is also as intense as its beginning. It features the last three missions that involve a fun tank which is one of the most astounding settings within a game.

The Destiny 2, being a sequel to the first Destiny story, shows a definite improvement. This can be observed in the narrative side of the game, since the predecessor’s story was dull and nonsensical.

Cooperative Gameplay

Most Beautiful Shooters On PC: Destiny 2 Review

After the epic Campaign, the game will start to unfold where you can go back to each of the four worlds or planets and start searching for treasure chests and undergo several side quests. It also features complete public events and quick challenges that other players can join.

Its cooperative gameplay is one of the best things listed in the Destiny 2 review. It features countless strikes, which are a three-person collaborative mission that will require more complex mechanics than what you were able to experience during the Campaign.

For more cooperative missions, there is the Raid which can include up to six players going in incredible challenges and reaping the rewards.

Competitive Multiplayer

If you are into games that are challenging, Destiny 2 also features the Crucible, that is excellent for you. This PvP mode has something unique to offer on a PC. It has a slight similarity with Call of Duty in terms of the level designs.But the Crucible has a less hectic space because of its larger maps. There is also smaller teams and much higher times to kill, making way for a skillful gunplay.

The competitive multiplayer feature of the game takes one of the top spots when it comes to accessibility and pacing compared to its rivals.

Destiny 2: Other Features and Specifications

  • New Legends

The cinematic campaign of Destiny 2 also features three new legends which you can choose from if you don’t want to import your character from the old Destiny. First, there is the Warlock, a space wizard with a mind being an arsenal of deadly secrets that can shatter reality. There is also the Titan, a Spartan in everything except the name which was built with power and prepared for the war. Lastly, the Hunter, a rogue who is quick with a trigger and is deadly with a blade.

  • Clan Creation

From the Destiny 2 review, one of the best things found in this second installment of the popular action shooter is its clan creation feature. It is a new integrated system that now allows players to bring in their community to the Destiny forefront.

Clans are now fully integrated where they can have invitations, official banners, rewards, and an experience system for all the members.

  • Guided Games

The Guided Games is a new feature which can combine clan communities and solo players to play the challenging raids, trials, and strikes.


Everything about Destiny 2 shows the competitive streak of the action shooter compared to what you can already see on the market. It features a stellar but still a user-friendly single-player campaign along with its excellent cooperative multiplayer combats. All in all, the Destiny is found to be one of the best must-have games in 2017.

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