Blue Reflection: Second Light Review: A Japanese Gaming Experience

If you played the older version of the Blue Reflection, you’d undoubtedly feel more excited about playing a newer version that will follow the previous one. It’s a role-playing game many gamers recommend because of many things. If you want to know more about it, here’s the Blue Reflection: Second Light review to convince you why it’s worth your money. 

Game Information

  • Released Date: November 9, 2021
  • Developer: Gust
  • Publisher: Koel Tecmo Games
  • Genre: Role-Playing, Japanese-Style
  • Console: Computer, Switch


The story of this video game is not far from the prior version, where it revolved around Hoshinomiya Girls High School, and the setting is modern-day in Japan. In this old version, it was in the middle of summer. The main protagonist is Hinako Shirai, and she’s a ballet dancer. She injured her knee, and it happened one year before the start of the video game. Since the injury, she was not able to dance. However, she met her sisters, namely Lime Shijou and Yuzuki. After the meeting, she obtained the power to fight, and this ability was called a “Reflector.” This ability will let your move without any problem as if she didn’t have the injury. 

The Second Light version follows the adventure of three students from the same school, and these girls are Yuki Kinjou, Kokoro Utsubo, and Ao Hoshizaki. These three girls found themselves in a mysterious academy, which was floating. Now, they have to search for some clues to find a way to come back home. All they have is their names as part of their memories. When a path opened, it led to a new lead where the three unraveled the mysteries behind it. They didn’t expect they’d encounter monsters, which they have to fight. To get back home, they should also fight enemies, aside from finding clues. 


The gameplay is not very hard to understand, and you can play this role-playing video game without any hassle. You’ll play it in a third-person perspective, which makes the gameplay easier. It’s a sequel to the previous Blue Reflection, but this version has more action. It has the same setting, where you have to control three lady characters, who were also students, but you’ll have to deal with enemies after they go to a mysterious floating academy.

As you control the characters, you’ll stumble on enemies, which you have to fight via the combat system of the video game. These monsters are very deadly, which is why you’ll need all the weapons you can find to kill them. Moreover, you’ll unlock abilities throughout the game, which is why many gamers appreciate the gameplay. 

Aside from the combat system, since there are three main characters, you’ll be able to play this video game cooperatively. As you continue playing the game, you’ll also reveal the characters’ personalities, which makes it very exciting. Plus, you’ll unveil other feelings as well, which makes it more exciting. If you’re also fond of watching Anime, this video game has a very alike set-up. 


The Blue Reflection: Second Light video game comes with fun features that you’ll undoubtedly love, especially if you’re into Anime. 

The graphics are one feature that many gamers commend because of its Japanese style. It’s authentic that it will make you feel like you’re watching an anime instead of playing a video game. It didn’t fail in meeting the expectations of gamers when the developer mentioned a Japanese-style vibe. The colors are also pleasing in the eyes since they are not too bright at all. The graphics team did an exceptional job in designing the background, especially the characters. 

Aside from the graphics, the gameplay of this video game is also impressive. This role-playing video game has easy-to-understand mechanics, letting you enjoy the game without complicated game rules. It’s very straightforward to control the three characters and find a way to come back home. Moreover, there are dialogues to help you keep up with what’s happening in the video game. 

There’s a combat system as well if you’re searching for one. There’s a need to fight enemies, especially when the three characters step on the mysterious academy. These deadly monsters are lurking around the academy, and you can use weapons to fight these monsters. Also, you can use abilities as you continue to explore the entire game. 

Lastly, the story is also not disappointing at all. Unlike other role-playing video games with a story to tell, this video game has a light story to share. It follows the story of three high school students who were lost to this floating academy. Even though the narrative is not as deep as other video games, this light vibe boosts the total gaming experience of the gamer. 


The Blue Reflection: Second Light comes with unique features that many gamers appreciate. It received an average rating from a lot of gamers, especially gamers who enjoy the Japanese culture. 

The graphics will leave you speechless because the team designed the backgrounds well, and the characters look appealing. The characters have an anime-type, which makes the video game more interesting to some gamers. 

The combat system is also not very bad but doesn’t promote violence throughout the game. Since you have to battle deadly creatures, the weapons might be a little bit brutal. However, it’s not the only focus of the video game because it adds enjoyment to the entire video game. 

Lastly, the story is also good because it follows the older Blue Reflection versions, but some changes might lead other new users to confusion. Now, three characters need to explore the floating academy to find answers as to how they can get back to the real world in Japan. 

On another note, the difficulty level of this video game is average, but it doesn’t meet the reference of other gamers. Some prefer a hard one, but others prefer the easiest. If you want challenges, it may not be the best video game for you. 

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