Boring and Nihilistic: Mosaic Game Review

Remember when you were still a child, and all you ever wanted was to become an adult? If only you could skip the teenage life and go directly to the time where you are a fully grown individual that is independent and earning for yourself. Now that you are an adult, all you ever wish for is to become a kid again because no one told you that adulthood is not fun.

You thought it would be exciting to work in a corporate world, wear compressed suits, and be with society’s upper class. Unfortunately, you only became an ordinary employee working an 8-hour shift from Mondays to Fridays with no life outside. Three words make your life and Mosaic similar: boring, unsurprising, routinary.

This point-and-click game may sound less impressive because it lacks a game’s exciting feature, but it might surprise you that tons of online players check on this app every once in a while. This nihilistic game can be your tough call to reality, or it might be just a good pastime before dozing off to sleep. The ultimate question is, what is Mosaic and how was it able to get its reputation?

Gameplay Review

Out of all the games you can download in your App Store or PlayStore, Mosaic might be the dullest one. It does not have that shoot and reloads excitement. No enemies to kill and no chapters to unlock. Instead, all you need is wake up, go to your office, and work all day.

You can only move your character from left to right and click on several items. You get to see a few people along the way, including the two individuals with you on the elevator. They do not want to meet your gaze as much as you. That is why you open your smartphone and play BlipBlop. It is the only in-game app on your phone where you can see moving numbers with themed backgrounds.

Once you reach your workplace, you become one with the crowd that accomplishes a given task. If you did it well, you could gain rewards where you can have the option to listen to music or watch someone play the saxophone. It will let you see sunshine after a while or enjoy something new from your boring life.

It is a reflection of your everyday routine, and it is not there to excite you. Instead, it is an eye-opening game of how boring your life has become.

Graphics and Audio Quality

Mosaic may not have the fun and adventure that most people look for in a game, but its visual display and 2.5D effect are excellent. Its colors properly emphasize different moods, and its background music appears at the right timing. It offers a nice mixture of electronic and jazz depending on what you are doing or the rewards that you earned after a long tiring day at work.

Overall Experience

This philosophical game is something out of the ordinary. It mainstreams the modern life that most people have nowadays and expresses one’s dream of escaping this dreary scenario. Its nihilistic approach will provide you with several realizations that you may not bother to think about when playing other online games.

Mosaic may sound like a depressing game, but you will be surprised that you have spent four hours of your day doing nothing much. That is one of the life lessons that this game will teach you. The absurdity of life is indeed scary.

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