Concise Review on Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is a role-playing game devised by Nintendo designed to bring you to another reality. This game is filled with different characters you can interact with accompanied with missions to accomplish. The main game focuses on defending your village from monsters while maintaining close relationships with the crowd.

Advantages of Monster Hunter Rise

Users go to this alternative reality primarily to escape from the real world. Nintendo created a world that allows its users to interact with different villages while accomplishing short tasks along the way. The game also taps into the user’s adventurous side since they serve as the protectors of the village they reside.

The best part of the entire experience is accomplishing missions by fighting monsters of different strengths. The user needs to constantly upgrade their perks and tools to beat the other stronger monsters.

More serious gamers look at the names of these monsters to prepare their character for the fight. When entering the battle, the scenes immediately change into a completely different atmosphere. While waiting for these monsters to arrive, you spend the rest of the day gathering materials and fighting adversaries throughout the map.

The game also offers a multiplayer option for the user to interact with other players. This feature allows the gamer to continue playing the game even when they finished the entire storyline. This feature also explains why many critics find this game to receive high retention rates even after finishing their story mode.

Disadvantages of Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise also presents different disadvantages that might discourage the user from picking up this game in the first place. One of the flaws people noticed is the inconsistencies in the graphics. The game can sometimes lack vividness in describing the environment. However, this flaw might significantly depend on the laptop the gamer is using to play. The graphics might require a stronger laptop processor to handle the game’s demanding frame rate.

A more practical disadvantage is the possibility of the user entering into a never-ending classical loop. The game primarily revolves around gathering items, building your inventory, improving the character’s overall strength, and entering epic battles. This game can potentially feel more monotonous, especially if the gamer chooses to play the game more often.

Nintendo needs to continue updating the game to provide more challenges for their users. More challenges prevent the possibility of the users feeling bored after playing their game for a long time. Users can also consider engaging in more multiplayer games to keep their game exciting.

Our Verdict

This game is perfect for providing a different alternative reality for its gamers. This reality turns the gamer into a superhero that must protect his village. The best way to maximize this game is to engage in multiplayer activities to allow your friends to play with you. In this way, Monster Hunter Rise continues to provide you with more challenges that will leave you wanting more.

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