Control is a fun narrative game with an interactive theme and cinematic visuals. This game is gaining popularity – thanks to the uniqueness of the games and its narrative style. Today, we will be reviewing this game for all those who are planning to join the gamers club.

Theme of Game

This game is a storyline that is a mix of hallucinations with mysterious objects. Players are placed in the shoes of Jesse Faden, the main protagonist in the old ruined building in New York. You can say it’s the Oldest House and can only be seen who desires to find it.

Jesse is out to find her missing brother, and in the meanwhile, becomes the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control. The game revolves around the control over the Altered items and Para natural settings.

Supernatural Settings

The Control game has supernatural settings with The Oldest House as the gaming plat. The vending machines are replaced with vacant halls with white bags and food names. Employees are seen floating in the air. The entire ambiance is a psychosomatic nightmare theme park.

It is a Remedy game, and therefore, you will find notes to handle and face the situation. You are also able to understand the situation step by step as you reach close to the goal throughout the journey. The stages are also set with a supernatural theme with names like Dead Letters and many more paranormal sights.

Control Game

Psychic Puzzle

The game is not only all about the settings and visual effects. Control also has a good storyline to keep you interested in the upcoming events. The puzzles in the game are real brain teasers. You have to clear them to reach the next level and get near to the goal. The game includes a different set of puzzles at every stage. And the complexity simply increases as you level up. So, the game is a real test to train your mind and get more involved in the settings.

Exploring the Dark Phoenix

The game is about finding the missing pieces of information, checking for secret abilities and items. You can get them through a quest or search for them in the game settings. As a chronic explorer, you will be amazed by the size of the game map. The architecture and gaming modes are interesting and most overwhelming.

Finally, we can say that the Remedy’s game, Control, has multiple difficult genres with interesting visual effects and paranormal settings. The storyline is mind-bending for someone with detective skills and liking. The grasp of this game’s storyline can already be seen through the popularity of the game over last year.

The narrative Control has fantastic cinematize visuals, standout puzzles, and clever environment design. The game also incorporates stunning particle effects, art direction, and live-action along with voice over features. The only downside of this game is that it starts very slow but grows interesting and enjoyable over time. All these features, when combined, give you a perfect satisfying combat game that makes it electrifying and entertaining.

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