Death Park 2 Review: Best Horror-themed Game to Play

Horror games are one of the most in-demand games these days. Teens don’t even feel scared about the idea of horror gamers because playing it on your favorite console can give you a satisfying feeling of overcoming fear. 

Nowadays, there are many horror games in the market, where some focus on monsters and zombies. Some even focus on ghosts, which have different gameplay. On the other hand, there’s a famous game where people fear the clown. If you want to try it, here’s the Death Park 2 review to convince you why it’s worth it. 

Game Information

  • Released Date: October 27, 2021
  • Developer: EpIXR Games
  • Publisher: EpIXR Games
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Survival
  • Console: Personal Computer, Xbox One


The story of this game is very similar to mobile horror games you see in the app store for both iOS and Android. It’s very similar to a game entitled Granny when it comes to audio and controls. However, this story has different endings, and it has more details. 

The story of this horror game begins when you wake up, and your sister is in her room. She’s locked, and she’s crying, but your mother is not around. After finding out that your sister is locked, you’ll stumble on a clown named Pennywise along the way to your sister’s room. Pennywise abducted the main character’s sister, and you’ll have to save her from the antagonist. 

Pennywise haunted the protagonist’s sister through her dreams, but it eventually became a reality. 


This action-adventure video game is one of the most fun to play if you want a horror-themed video game because it comes with eight locations. You’ll explore these locations as you find and save your sister. You’ll explore it in a third-person perspective, and you’ll need to control the character as he faces obstacles that will hinder him from finding her sister. 

The main objective of this video game is to save your sister from the creepy Pennywise. You can choose how hard you prefer the game to be, and you can begin playing through different riddles. You also need to solve puzzles if you want to move forward to the next level. 

You’ll also encounter its aspect where you need to shoot and battle monsters along the way. You’ll be able to collect ammo and guns as you progress in the game. You’ll have to discover the secrets of the game while surviving. Like in other horror games, you’ll also stumble on some screamers, which can affect your anxiety while playing. On the other hand, it’s a massive adventure when you go out of the house because you’ll discover how monsters took over the city. 

There’s duality in this video game because you can carry guns and ammo when you’re playing in reality. On the other hand, when the game’s character is in the Dream-world, you cannot carry guns at all. You’ll have to survive the Dream-world where the clown can attack you. 


Death Park 2 is one of the popular horror games these days because there were movies about Pennywise, and people can’t get enough of this horror game. 

The graphics of the game is one feature that you’ll love because of its 3D style. It has the same vibe as if you’re playing Grand Theft Auto or GTA. The monsters and characters are designed well, while the background is exceptional as well. The team gave justice to the horror vibe, which is one thing you’ll appreciate about the game if you’re into scary backgrounds. Moreover, the team designed the antagonist exceptionally, which can somehow give you chills when you’re facing him. 

The gameplay of this horror game is not boring at all. There are eight locations on the map, emphasizing how big the world is, and you have to battle in the real and dream world simultaneously. There are riddles and puzzles involved, which can be very challenging, depending on the level. There are also different endings, which will spark your curiosity further in finishing the game.

There’s a combat system as well, making the game more interesting. If you think it’s all about puzzles and riddles, actions are involved because you’ll need to fight big monsters in the real world. You can use a gun, and you can collect ammo from killing these beasts. However, when you’re in the dream world, those guns and ammo are useless because you cannot use them to kill Pennywise. It’s not very brutal, but there might be some disturbing scenes since it’s a horror game. 

Lastly, the soundtrack used in the game will also amaze you. The soundtracks are original, and the sound effects are very convincing that you’ll feel as if you’re part of the game. The music is already impressive enough, but what’s more impressive is the sound effects, from scary monsters to screaming people. 


Death Park 2 gathered a lot of exceptional feedback from different gamers because of many things. Despite having some points for improvement, gamers are satisfied with the overall gaming performance of this video game. 

Unlike typical horror gamers, the gameplay is unique, where a monster chases you or a ghost chases you. There are puzzles and riddles involved, which is why gamers think it’s interesting to play. The challenge is fascinating in that some make the difficulty level harder. 

There’s also a combat system to consider because you’ll need to fight the monsters. You have to gather guns and ammo in the real world to face the beasts. However, when you reach the dream world, you’ll realize that the guns and ammo are useless because you cannot use them to kill the clown. 

Lastly, the graphics of this game leave an impressive impression on many gamers because of its 3D look. It’s convincing when it comes to the scary parts, which is why gamers want to give it a try. Moreover, when you see how the team designed the clown, you’ll find it very scary. 

If you enjoy horror movies and games, you should consider playing this one. You can enjoy it on your Xbox One or computer, yet both consoles will give you a satisfying gaming experience. It’s always best to play it on a bigger screen for the overall experience. 

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