Destiny 2 Addresses All Criticisms Through a New Patch

MANHATTAN, NY – Bungie is set to release its newest patch for Destiny 2 a week after some changes go live together with the launch of the upcoming “Curse of Osiris” expansion on December 5, 2017. The said patch updates and answers community feedback and criticisms about all recorded flaws the game has.  

Destiny 2 is a sci-fi action-adventure video game developed and published by Bungie, a US-based video game company. The video game was recently released last September 6, 2017, and is compatible with different game consoles or platforms such as PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Since its release, Destiny 2 players have been consistently leaving feedback regarding the flaws that the game has. One of these flaws is certain weapons. With the said update, these weapons will have “rolls” that make a virtual firearm vary for every player.

This new system for Destiny 2 weapons is called Masterworks. Bungie set a way to eventually unravel various perks to acquire weapons in the game. Standard weapons are also customizable to Masterworks ones.

Moreover, Bungie added a ranking method or mode for the game’s Crucible multiplayer option. This mode sets in competition humans versus humans, than the usual humans versus Artificial Intelligence or AI-powered opponents.

Several private matches and battles are also available on the new update. This new feature allows players to compete against other players.

Destiny 2 Addresses All Criticisms Through a New Patch

More changes are set to be welcomed such as a means for players to earn the most coveted loot, that is, new weapons and armors. Such a system only rewards players the weapons they don’t already have.

There will also be a newly improved reward system for players’ most difficult activities like prestige nightfalls and raids and replay value for standard ones. Ways of buying and tailoring different armor sets are also made more transparent and straightforward through the use of materials and currency available in the game.

In addition, increase in drop rates for the game’s token-based system will also be expected in the said update.

Bungie has been reported to have insufficient communication approach toward its following and/or pool of players. The developer had a different technique when it comes to updating the video game. This said technique did not seem to conform with the players’ demands.

Finally, Bungie came to a decision to slightly haul the game’s virtual play. The changes made by the game developers are well detailed and abounding. Yet, some of these so-called changes are not in full scale as many players might have expected for.

Moreover, Bungie promised that there will be more pertinent and refined changes that will happen in 2018. Moving forward, game developers committed to be consistent when it comes to being open to the public and the game’s network regarding their thoughts and opinions about the total game experience.

Bungie came to the point to also prioritize the game forums to see insights, comments, and game experience story from players across the globe.

Players can expect Destiny 2 to have more improvements and encounter necessary innovation by next year.

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