Devil May Cry 5 – Breathtaking Gaming Experience

It all started way back in 2001 when Capcom Ltd decided to release Devil May Cry 1. It was one of the best action-packed games at the time and received a lot of love from gamers. Devil May Cry 5 has been successful to carry the name of the brand that the game has created. It is completely fun with a lot of cool graphics and a great gameplay experience that most of the other games in the same category might not be able to provide.

Great Story

It is not just about the graphics or the guns or the swords, it is also about how the story line of the game proceeds. It is not a boring and illogical story. The story makes a lot of sense and grips the gamer to feel every emotion their character is going through. All the other parts that have been released before has been able to draw the story line up till here. So applause for the creators of the game who realized that a strong story is important as well to keep the gamer glued to the screen. The story will start from a fight where Nero, who is the main character or the game, is bound to lose the fight, which is, to be honest, quite clever.

Stylish Features

Any of the Devil May Cry parts that have been released before didn’t have quite the stylish features this one does. Devil May Cry 5 comes with exciting and stylish weapons, which have quite a dramatic effect on the enemies. The sound production for the gameplay is excellent as well. It may feel like a very simple system, but it isn’t. There are different buttons for different types of attacks and that too different buttons for different characters, depending on the one you are using.

The Freedom Of The Game

One of the key features that make the game beautiful is the dynamics and the creative freedom it offers with the range of 3 characters that you can play from one at a time. For every character, there are a different set of tools. Nero has a queen sword of red color and many more tools and is equipped with more powers. Dante though does not have a lot of surprising features in this edition of the game. It is much similar to its character of Devil May Cry 4.

The most surprising character in the latest edition of the game is V. V is a character which is not like the conventional Devil May Cry characters. He is equipped with powers which allows him to summon fighters for him, he doesn’t have to do the fighting himself. All the fighters that V can summon are some form of animals, making them much cooler when they fight with their beastly powers. Even though V is very surprising, his missions are the least challenging in the whole gameplay. Yet, the combination of Nero, Dante and V makes the game a great game to spend time on.

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