EA Adds a New Patch to Address “Star Wars Battlefront II” Issues

LONDON, United Kingdom – Electronic Arts (EA), the California-based video game company and the developer and publisher of Star Wars Battlefront II, has addressed the backlash about the microtransactions of the game through introducing a new patch.

Star Wars Battlefront II acts as the fourth major installment of the Star Wars: Battlefront series. It is an action shooter video game that is patterned on the critically acclaimed Star Wars film franchise. The said video game installment was recently launched on November 17, 2017.

Players of Star Wars Battlefront II noticed that there were technical glitches surrounding the game when they were encouraged to a pay-to-win loot on the game. EA, on the other hand, temporarily pulled all the transactions made from the game.

EA developers have addressed the said technical glitches by launching a new patch version, Patch 2.0, compatible with PC, PlayStation 4 (PS4), and Xbox One platforms.

Star Wars Battlefront II Patch 2.0 mended the technical issues including imprecise vehicle damage estimations. AS EA developers promised, the Patch 2.0 of the video game also added major improvements to make the game increase its performance stability. This is good for those who experienced some struggles with the game while using a PC platform.

EA Adds a New Patch to Address “Star Wars Battlefront II” Issues

Moreover, the Patch 2.0 reduced the spawn times of the game to half. This means the 10-second Strike mode was cut into a 5-second one. This can help the player reduce their game sprinting time into half.

In addition, the spawn locations have been carried around Tatooine.

Star Wars Battlefront II players also experienced deleted saved data when their controllers were not plugged in. The Patch 2.0 was also able to fix this issue.

More so, spawn cards are repaired as well. Previously, bugs gave a player spawn cards even though they have not reached a certain high level yet. With the bug being fixed, spawn cards are to be given to players who reached a certain high level in the game.

EA developers took this opportunity to be able to fix all issues surrounding the game. All feedbacks by the players were noted and applied on the said Patch 2.0 release.

EA developers also assured every Battlefront II player notable improvements with the game’s user interface and head-up display (HUD). Some of these improvements involved fixing the overlapping text in the crate opening screen and description screen and bad line breaks present on the account Sign Up screen.

Patch 2.0 user interface and HUD improvements also fixed several typographical errors and incorrect details exhibited in the Trooper Milestone section. Thus, it added an updated art for selected star cards to innovate the interface presentation.

In general, the Patch 2.0 of the game pledged a fix in the game’s clipping issues that pop up during the game’s campaign. The necessary improvements elevate the game’s performance and overall stability. And more, the Patch 2.0 fixed various collision issues reported by the players.  

With EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II Patch 2.0’s release, it evidently shows that the game developers addressed every bit of feedback they were getting from players since the launch.


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