EA Resolves “Need for Speed Payback” Technical Glitches

LONDON, United Kingdom – Electronic Arts (EA), publisher of “Star Wars: Battlefront II,” is fixing yet another technical glitch on their recently released Need for Speed Payback. The said game has been facing loot box issues similar to what Star Wars: Battlefront II ran into.

“Need for Speed Payback” was recently released last November 10, 2017. It is part of EA’s original Need for Speed installment that was first published on August 31, 1994.

Since the launch of “Need for Speed Payback” a few weeks ago, the game publisher has received several feedbacks about the game’s loot box progression.

Loot boxes serve as an option for the players to easily advance to the game. It is through buying that players can have the chance to acquire loots. Loot boxes are offered in exchange for real-time money with a value that equates to the actual amount of the loot.

Moreover, another problem raised was the game’s reportedly unstable playtime experience that hardly works on an Xbox hardware.

EA Resolves “Need for Speed Payback” Technical Glitches

The action racing game’s developer, Ghost Games, is set to address the issues on the game’s first huge update.

Ghost Games is currently reducing the time spent for upgrades. From the usual 30 minutes, they will cut it down to 10 minutes. After which, the upgrade shall be posted. The game developer aims to introduce the upgrade parts to tune-up shops by at least 66 percent.

The said updates involve bumping of the money and reputation scheme in winning events. This also draws in non-first-place clinchers. Players will not be pressured or forced to purchase loot boxes that have real-time and real-world monetary value to further progress in the game.

This section of the update would take less time. What EA and Ghost Games preached to take quite long is the fixing of the game’s stability performance. This update will involve semi-overhauling of some of the game’s details.

In line with the game’s stability performance fixes, the developers will introduce a new patch to implement such improvement. Game enhancements include tweaking of selected tune-up shops and better offers from winning races and “Need for Speed” events.

Ghost Games is working double time to resolve technical glitches that affect several “Need for Speed Payback” players. Though these glitches might have been uncalled for since the game was just recently released, both EA and Ghost Games are committed to dealing and resolving disputes in a fastest possible time.

Ghost Games is asking the public to keep a good eye on their social media accounts for special announcements about the anticipated game update. EA and Ghost Games are acknowledging the mess the game is currently into despite that the racing aspect of the game is working well.

From a tech point of view, the game started to have quite of a disarray. Rest assured that the game developers are doing their finest to update and provide the users a better game.

There is still no exact time frame when the Need for Speed Payback’s updated patch will be available. Players were asked to stay connected with the developers’ official social media platforms for any major information.

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