Extracting the Truth: Telling Lies Review

Are you fascinated with Sherlock Holmes’ intelligence and wit? Have you been scouring detective movies to watch next in the past weeks? If yes, then why not try to become a real detective? Maybe not in real life, but at least in this exciting and thrilling game called Telling Lies.

It comes with a compilation of mysterious videos that you must rewatch to uncover the lies that each character carries with them. As an FBI agent, you must be keen on details, voice, and even facial expressions to determine this game’s mystery. Unlocking each puzzle of the crime is indeed addicting that all you want is to finish it fast.

You will love how you can control the game with its interactive features. Enjoy the suspense and adrenaline as you untangle each answer to the question and come up with the biggest Eureka of your life.

Gameplay Review

In this game, you are an FBI agent who stole a disk drive from NSA. Your goal is to understand and uncover what happened to the cam girl on this game and how she was related to the whole game’s mystery. You will be interacting with four characters who carry with them their sides of the story. Some of them are truthful, while the rest are lies. You are here to identify which of them are facts and who is not telling the truth.

This thrilling game is not as adventurous as those that require you to move a lot and unlock each level to upgrade your weapons and character. You will spend your time looking for clues and answers from the videos found on the disk drive. What you need to accomplish is connect the dots until you reach the point where everything makes sense.

One thing that makes this game an interesting one is the believable screen acting of the characters. They know how to play with your imagination, and they deliver their scripts and emotions well. Each of them has different personalities, and the story writing is quite impressive. None of the other players in Telling Lies will watch the same videos. There is no room for cheating, and there is also no room for errors.

Because of its exciting plot, you might end up sacrificing your sleep only to figure out who is the conspirator, the victim, and who the accomplices are. No killings, but your brain cells might die thinking what should be your next step.

It’s not a dead-end story, and the truth lies in your hands and logical thinking.

Graphics and Audio Quality

Unlike other mobile games where software developers invest a lot in graphics, Telling Lies does not require much on that aspect. Its desktop aesthetic is the focus of this game, and it is best played on phones and other devices with larger screens.

When it comes to audio, its background music is only mellow. However, it is the type where your sensations are too active since you become eager to find out whose truth you must believe in. The actors’ voices also play a huge role in the entire story.

Overall Experience

Telling Lies is successful in making its players feel that they are real detectives. It is a combination of texts and videos that you should not miss if you want to know the whole truth. Each detail is important, and the entire experience points to one word: addicting.

The realism in this game is too intense and high that it would make you feel that you are a part of a criminal investigation.

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