Ghostrunner Review: Best Platformer Game for Action Lovers

Gamers prefer adventure or action games when playing video games on their computers, Xbox or PlayStation because these games are typically more challenging than other genres. Some games even have unique gameplay that will give you a hard time finishing the game, and if you’re up for that mode, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the game released by One More Level and All in! Games SA. If you want a new genre to play, here’s the Ghostrunner review to consider. 

Game Information

  • Released Date: September 28, 2021
  • Developer: One More Level, Slipgate Ironworks
  • Publisher: All in! Games SA, 505 Games
  • Genre: Action, Platform
  • Console: Personal Computer, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox Series One and X/S


The story of this video game is in Dharma Tower, and it’s a big skyscraper-like arcology housing. It’s humanity’s remainder after an unnamed global calamity called the Burst. The protagonist is the Ghostrunner, and he awakens without any memory, but he’s under the Architect, a digital intelligence. He’s designed as a peacekeeping tool. The story began when Mara, the Architect’s confidant, betrayed them by destroying the Ghostrunners. 

Now, a group of rebels found the Ghostrunners called Climbers, but the rebellion was before the reactivation of these. Now, the Architect tasked them to defeat Mara, who is not famous as the Keymaster. 

The Ghostrunner, named Jack, has access to the other Cybervoid systems, Dharma Tower’s digital network. Once the runner accesses the remaining systems, it will let the Architect correct the damage to the code of the other Ghostrunners. There’s one contact of the Ghostrunner, Zoe, the Climber, and this survivor aided the Ghostrunner along the journey to beat the Keymaster. The main goal is to fix where it went wrong throughout the game to win back the system from the traitor. 


It’s a platform video game that’s full of action. You’ll control Jack as he explores the unsafe environment of Dharma Tower. As you control him, some of the actions you’ll encounter include jumping, wall-running, dashing and even grappling. It’s loaded with action, which is why many gamers are interested in playing this video game. What you’ll love more about it is how you can play it from a first-person perspective, making it more challenging. 

Aside from the actions, there’s a combat system involved as well. You’ll face different enemies as you fulfill your mission, but you have to be careful in battling your enemies because both of you can die in the level in one hit. That’s how challenging this game can be for me. As you control Jack, you need to use the Sensory Boost mechanic. It will let him slow down, which is very handy in dodging or deflecting bullets while you’re in midair. As you progress on the level, you’ll unlock other abilities, along with upgrades. With these upgrades and abilities, you can apply these on the grid system through the tetromino-like pieces. 


The Ghostrunner is unlike other action video games in the market. Other features that make this platform game unique among other video games are the following.

The gameplay is one thing you’ll admire about this platform game. You’ll play it from a first-person perspective. It’s loaded with action because the controller has to jump, run, and dash. You’ll even encounter running on the wall, which is an added feature that you’ll also love. 

Aside from that, it’s not an easy game to play, which makes it more interesting. If you love challenges, you’ll enjoy playing them more because you need to be careful in killing your enemies. It’s either you or your enemy who dies in a single hit. It’s challenging in a way that you’ll have to start again if you die.

You’ll also love the graphics of the game, which is another edge of the video game. The graphics team did an excellent job selecting the color combination of the background because it’s very soothing in the eyes. Watching it will already give you a good time. Aside from that, the character’s designs are also exceptional. The 3D graphics are very impressive, that there are no dull moments in playing the game. 

Lastly, the story of this video game is deep that it fascinates the minds of gamers. It’s not only about killing or action, but the story behind why Ghostrunner Jack has to go on adventure will make the game more interesting. It’s all about loyalty, which is why many gamers couldn’t get enough of the game.  


The Ghostrunner video game received much feedback because of its features, where gamers gave it an outstanding rating. However, some gamers think some parts still need improvement, but overall, you’ll enjoy playing this platform game on any console. 

The story is already interesting enough to win the attention of gamers. It’s not focused on killing for nothing. You’ll understand further why the Ghostrunner had to go on the adventure by the Architect, which has something to do with loyalty. 

The gameplay is also another feature that gamers kept on discussing. It’s not an easy game to play, unlike typical action games because of its combat system. You’ll find it more challenging to control the character as you play this game from a first-person perspective. Moreover, one hit from an enemy can kill you, and you can also kill your enemies in one hit. It’s how crucial the battle is, which is why you need to be careful. 

Lastly, the graphics of the game doesn’t disappoint at all. Its 3D graphics suits the gameplay since it’s full of action. Moreover, the graphics come with cool, dark colors that relax in the eye when you play the game. Seeing how the team designed the background and characters will let you enjoy the game more. 

If you’re bored with typical action games you used to play on your computer, PlayStation, or Xbox, you should check out the Ghostrunner. It’s not only about combat because the story impacts the overall gaming experience you’ll have from playing it. From gameplay to graphics, this video game doesn’t disappoint. Moreover, if you love challenges, you should try them. 

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