Gran Turismo 6

No doubt, the most talked about games for PlayStation 3, other than the GTA series is GT 6. This is the 15th anniversary of this franchise with the latest Gran Turismo 6, which has already made waves among the gamers across many continents. The game is all about mind-boggling exponentially massive automotive themed park, which allows the player to drive through it in few of the finest cars that has ever been manufactured. The Gran Turismo 6 for PlayStation 3 Review would get you a good idea on what it is like to play it on PS3.

What is it like to be playing GT6?

If it is to be answered in brief, then it is nothing less than an awesome wild ride, through bumpy roads and sometimes no roads at all. This version of the series has been long awaited by the gamers because it bestows some of the best things; which were not delivered till now. It is meant for over-achieving in the race, while becoming the best racer, but still becoming victim of one’s own legacy. The blend here is very fine, which will take the player to the next generation of high; while it could also send him to couple generations before the previous games. All of it makes it exponentially wanted by all automotive gaming aficionados.

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Nitty gritty of Gran Turismo 6

  1. Visuals: This is indeed, excellent for many parts of the game. However, the overall quality does vary wildly in couple of its areas. Though, it does look very much like next-generation, but it can’t be denied that wherever there are standard legacy car models; they look as if they have been refurbished from the GT 4. After playing the game for a while, it does feel so.
  2. Music: Any player, who has played all its previous series, would agree to this review of the music; do turn it off to listen to your own collection. The franchise should and must work on this important aspect of the gaming.
  3. Interface: There is not much change here, as the interface is not much upgraded in comparison to the previous versions. However, the credit for making a major or quantum leap towards bringing the menus out from their former clumsy mess, in this game is definitely commendable.
  4. Appeal: This is indeed, something to cherish in this version. One could actually race with his friends or could participate in seasonal racing competitions. These various challenges have made the Gran Turismo 6 a hot favourite among the gamers. On PlayStation 3, this game is making ripples for sure because the scope is huge, in terms of gaming adventures.

Indeed, this game is identified as over-ambitious, sprawling, huge and messy masterpiece in the realm of gamers. It does have its own highs, as well as lows. The perfections have come with few flaws, which are at times really annoying; while sometimes they are pretty infuriating. However, it can’t be denied that this is one of the finest driving games that one must buy.

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