Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Review: What Makes It Famous

Who doesn’t know about Grand Theft Auto games? This GTA series has been one of the most played video games since the early 2000s, and Rockstar Games made sure every version they release becomes better. Even though the story of these games is not very desirable for a younger audience, these games still get a lot of good feedback from gamers because of their authenticity. 

Now, Rockstar released the most updated version, GTA V, but there’s something more interesting than the newer version. If you want something exciting, you should read this Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy review. It will take you back to the time when you used to play these classic games. 


Grand Theft Auto Game Information

  • Released Date: November 11, 2021
  • Developer: Rockstar Games, Grove Street Games
  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • Console: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X

The Story

This trilogy consists of three Grand Theft Auto or GTA games, and these have different stories. 

The first game is GTA III, which was released back in 2001. In this video game, the protagonist is named Claude, a criminal who shoots his girlfriend named Catalina. After his arrest, he escapes while being transferred to another prison. After escaping, he becomes friends with experts who master explosives, until he meets Leone, a Mafia family. He then assists the Mafia, and that’s where his journey begins. 

The second game in the trilogy is GTA: Vice City, released in 2002. The protagonist in this game is Tommy Vercetti, who gets out of prison after serving there for 15 years. Sonny Forelli, his boss, wanted to do drug operations, so he sent Tommy to Vice City to check the deal. However, there is an ambush, in which he and Ken, a lawyer, escape. Now, he needs to find out the mastermind behind the ambush. 

The third game is GTA: San Andreas. In this game, the protagonist is CJ. He returns to Los Santos, and when he arrives there, he stumbles on C.R.A.S.H. This group wants to frame him for the previous murder of a police officer, which the group killed after exposing corruption. If he cooperates with them, they will not frame him at all. He also needs to save his brother, but they end up getting arrested by the police.

There are different stories, but these are all compiled into one definitive edition, which will be available to most gaming consoles by November 11, 2021. 


The gameplay of this trilogy didn’t change at all. You can control the protagonists from different perspectives, depending on how you want to control them. Moreover, this action-adventure game has diverse gameplay. There’s an initial goal for every game, depending on the story and situation of the GTA version, but you can also play it in a free mode, where you don’t have to follow the missions or objectives of the game. You can roam around the city with weapons and let police officers chase you after increasing to your desired level. However, some gamers prefer to follow the game’s story and play it in an adventure mode to have some challenges. 

The concept of this video game is very close to the life of a criminal, which is not very suitable for a younger gamer. There are weapons, and you’ll encounter instances where you get a wanted level, depending on what you’ve done to civilians or police offers. It’s fun to play, but it’s not very suitable for kids. 


Video game player relaxing while holding a game controller.

Photo by Matilda Wormwood from Pexels


Grand Theft Auto has introduced many episodes of the series, and users continue to play it because the versions keep getting better. Here are some reasons why it’s very interesting. 

The graphics stay the same for these older versions, which users don’t mind because it’s also the games’ trademark. A lot are anticipating that Rockstar will retain how the graphics were back when these versions were popular. The developer introduced a definitive version, making it more fun to play. On another note, some minor improvements make the graphics look better without changing the overall graphics. 

The developer also retained the gameplay of all three games in this trilogy. Every game follows the same story from back when these were initially released for desktop computers. This time, you can play these on any gaming console, regardless of whether you’re using a Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. 

Another feature you’ll love about this trilogy is how it uses the style of controls of GTA V, which is the most updated version today. Controlling and targeting are improved even though it follows the older versions’ gameplay, graphics, and story. 


The Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is one of the trending topics in the gaming market because the developer brought a set of classic GTA gamers back in the 2000s era. Gamers gave it an above-average rating because of the following highlights. 

The graphics can be better in some ways, but the developer retained most of the features that made the exceptional graphics way back. Gamers admire how the developer retained and improved the graphics in different ways, letting you enjoy all three classic games on your gaming console.

Playing this game trilogy is more versatile nowadays because it’s not only available on computers. You can try it on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. People used to play it on computers, but nowadays, you have many options for playing it. 

Lastly, the compilation of the three classics made it very exceptional because you can play these three in one download or CD only. People used to play it separately. Now, you can switch to any version without any hassle. 

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging adventure game to play, you should consider playing the GTA: The Trilogy. It’s loaded with classic games, but it’s also has better versions from the initially released ones from back in 2001, 2002, and 2004. The developer retained most of these classic games, but some features had improvements to make them more fun to play. Aside from that, it’s also very versatile because it’s available on many gaming consoles. 


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