Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is different to the earlier versions filled with despair; the game is now wonderment. If you think about the environments surrounding GTA V, perhaps it’s true to say that it encompasses the most extraordinary playground to date. The sunrise at San Andreas is spectacular, the colorful themes and the background music among other endless features. The design of this game is exceptional.  

Unlike in GTA IV where the game mode was based on protagonists serving as anti-heroes, GTA V counters that with the protagonist managing a city filled with diverse facets. The central character Michael, a former bank robber is on the verge of breaking from his unhappy life. Franklin, another character is obsessed with money and undertakes whatever thing to fill his pockets. Trevor brings you the violence you yearn for; he is a psychopath with distaste for morality. His sexual aggression and overall lifestyle are fun to follow.       

GTA V is a well developed story line, easy to follow. The interface of the game is marvelous. The communication is human-like. The racing is captivating with cops making each pursuit aggressive. In this case, opt for first cars, they are the best gateway and collect as much ammunition and enjoy GTA V


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