Grave Knight Review: Coolest RPG Video Game to Try

Role-playing games or RPG games are becoming popular nowadays. Gamers preferred action and adventure games before, but these days, more are getting into RPG games. Some RPG games can have a bit of adventure and action, while some focus on decision-making, like the game developed by Dreamlight Games. Would you want to know the ending of the story you molded? If you’re curious to know how your story will end, here’s the Grave Knight review to consider, and you can play it on your computer. 

Game Information

  • Released Date: November 12, 2021
  • Developer: Dreamlight Games
  • Publisher: Dreamlight Games
  • Genre: Adventure, RPG
  • Console: Computer


Grave Knight is a visual novel and a video game at the same time. The setting is like a medieval movie you can watch on television, and there are about 7000 words in it. Unlike typical adventure games, there’s no fixed story, but three playable characters are in different classes. You will not control a specific protagonist since the player molds the story of the game. Since it’s an RPG-style video game, your choices will lead you to the next path, defining what will happen in the story of the character you chose to play. 

If you enjoy non-linear storytelling, you’ll love playing this video game. There’s an original soundtrack to make the story more fascinating, but what makes it more interesting is that you make the story based on the decisions you’re making. Your character will face some consequences or victories, depending on the choice you selected. 


This RPG-video game comes in a dice-roll-entry system. It’s like the game Monopoly, but a virtual version. When you play this game, you’ll get a vibe as if you’re playing typical board games on your computer, but this one has a twist. 

You’ll control one character, but the character you’ll select will depend on the class you prefer to control. You’ll explore more about the life of the character you selected as you progress throughout the game. Another good thing about this genre is that it comes with elements, such as the character’s evolution. Through your decisions, you’ll be able to guide your preferred character to the right path. Moreover, there’s an achievement list for you to enjoy, making the game more interesting. 

Moreover, you’ll encounter trolls, goblins, and kobolds, which makes it very fascinating. Regardless of any character you choose, you’ll encounter these creatures throughout the game. 

You’ll play it in a story-dialogue mode as if you’re reading a novel. There are no actions involved at all. There are no weapons to collect or skills to enhance. What you’ll need to do is read the dialogue to come up with the best decision. 

Grave Knight review


Grave Knight has interesting game features that you’ll appreciate, like the following. 

The game’s graphics don’t disappoint because the team made it look as if you’re reading a colorized book. It uses 2D style for the graphics, which is perfect for the type of game it is. The scene from one to another is not a disappointment because it’s not too fast or slow. 

There’s no combat system in this video game if you’re expecting one. Since it’s like a visual novel, most of the scenes are told in stories and dialogue. On the bright side, you can feel the action happening in the picture. You’ll feel the movements as if the artwork is moving. Furthermore, it features a fine art-painting style. 

The gameplay of this video game is also another feature you’ll love because you’ll only play it in three hours. It’s very straightforward, and there are no complicated instructions where you must fight the boss to proceed to the next level. You need to decide well if you want the ending of your story to be desirable. Adding the dice-roll-entry system that the gameplay has, you’ll enjoy the game further. 

You’ll also admire the soundtrack of this video game because the team composed an original one. Since it’s full of dialogues, you might get bored without hearing anything or hearing typical soundtracks. Good thing the team thought of an original soundtrack to add to the game. 

Lastly, you have three playable characters to select from different classes. It makes the entire video game very exciting since the situation influences your decision. You’ll learn more about your chosen character as you continue to play, revealing things that will make you in awe. Also, you’ll stumble on trolls, goblins, and kobolds, which makes the entire game very fun. 


Grave Knight may be unlike a typical RPG game that’s full of action, but you’ll never regret playing this one because it comes with fun features. Gamers gave it an average rating because of some features that make the gaming experience worth the time. 

The graphics are one thing that gamers admire. It may be in 2D, but the graphics team didn’t rush designing the characters and background. It uses a balanced contrast of colors since it’s more like a visual novel, making it easier for gamers to watch the screen without feeling any discomfort. Moreover, the way the artists designed scenes with action will make you feel like movements in the frame. 

Another feature that gamers can’t get enough of is the gameplay. Aside from the visual novel set-up, it comes with a dine-roll-entry system to make the entire game fun. Gamers love how easy it is to play. Also, there are interesting characters involved in the game, adding fun to the experience. 

On another note, the lack of a combat system is something that gamers didn’t appreciate because it has a medieval setting. Most gamers anticipated a little bit of action in other scenes because there are knights and goblins in the story, but there’s nothing at all. 

Nonetheless, gamers recommend playing this video game on your computer if you’re up for a light video game for past time. Since you get to decide on every scene, you can make your ending, depending on the options you’re choosing. Furthermore, there are achievements you can unlock as well, which makes it more desirable to play. 

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