Guardians of the Galaxy Review: Better Than Avengers by Gameplay

Action-adventure games are always fun to play, especially when you’re into superheroes. Most gamers look forward to playing the video game version of their favorite superhero movies because it’s full of action. It’s one of the ways to release stress, and if you also enjoy playing action-adventure games, you should check this Guardians of the Galaxy review.

You might have known what happened in the movie or how things were in the comics, but this game will give you a different experience by playing it. If you want a video game with surprises, it’s what you should try. Plus, you play the game with a team, not only by one protagonist, which makes it very interesting.

Game Information

  • Released Date: October 26, 2021
  • Developer: Eidos-Montreal
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • Console: PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X/S & One, Nintendo Switch, and PC


The story of the video game Guardians of the Galaxy happened some years after a big intergalactic war. This war left a mark on the universe, and the universe still deals with its overwhelming consequences. Star-Lord or Peter Quill leads the team as they explore the situation. The team is composed of Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, and Groot. They all want to make instant money as they take on an adventure, traveling around the galaxy.

The team has a lot of scams, and one scam will involve two members. However, this scam will lead the team to a small accident. This small accident unveiled a series of catastrophic events, and it threatened the delicate universe’s peace. They all have to take accountability for what happened and prevent a bigger threat.


It’s an action-adventure game that you can play from a third-party perspective. You will control Star-Lord or Peter Quill, where you’ll use his elemental gun to fight enemies, and you’ll also control him as he flies using his boots. Unfortunately, you cannot control his titular team, composed of Rocket Raccoon, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, and Groot. The system controls the rest of the members while you focus on Star-Lord.

Every character has their abilities and skills, where these can create bigger damages when they fight together. You’ll need to combat the enemies until the meter increases, letting you improve their abilities called “Team Huddle.” Star-Lord will have a motivational speech in this special moment, playing a song to motivate his team members.

Aside from that, you can make some decisions through dialogue trees, which can affect the relationships between other team members and the results of some missions. There might be branching dialogue paths, but the story boils down to the same ending.


The Guardians of the Galaxy game is the hottest topic in the gaming industry because many gamers say it might beat the video game Avengers. Here are some notable features of this game.

The story life has a twist, which is not what most comic readers expect. The plot is interesting to many gamers because of one scam, the team sabotaged the universe, and they have to fix what happened. You can’t predict the next scenes because the next one will depend on your decision during the dialogue. You’ll have to choose the best option, and it can change how the next scene is or his relationship with others.

Aside from the interesting storyline, the graphics of the game is not disappointed at all. The graphics team designed the characters well, but these are not the same face as the actors from the real movie. Aside from the character, the design of the surroundings is very impressive. The futuristic vibe in the 3D version made the game more interesting, aside from the combat system.

Also, you’ll love its straightforward gameplay with a fun combat system. A Marvel video game will never be a Marvel without combat. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy flying around in Star-Lord’s boots. Plus, you’ll have a good time blasting your enemies with your gun. Aside from that, the rest of the team members will also have to fight enemies, but the downside is that you’re not able to control them at all, especially Raccoon and Groot. Nonetheless, the effects every time there’s a kill make the overall gaming experience more remarkable. Every member also has abilities that Star-Lord will find useful once he starts the adventure.

Lastly, if you’re not into longer video games, you’ll appreciate it because there are parts of chapter five that are full of enemies, making it fast-paced. Every member will encounter small wars within a war, another epic feature that gamers look forward to.


The Guardians of the Galaxy had outstanding feedback from enthusiasts because of many things. However, some can still be improved by the developer, which other gamers look forward to.

The graphics of the game is one reason why you’ll enjoy playing it more. It’s very futuristic, and there are no dull scenes with a weak appeal. The 3D style of these graphics is lively in the eyes of the gamers, making them want to explore the next levels more.

This game’s combat system is also not boring at all, especially when you can control Star-Lord using his flying boots and gun. You may not control the rest of the team members, but you can help them upgrade their abilities until they can explore their special skills.

Some games may find it a bit boring if you can only control one character. Most gamers would prefer to play Raccoon or Groot, but you only have the option to play Star-Lord. Some might even want to play Gamora, but there are no chances at all.

Despite the lack of chances to play other characters, the overall gaming experience from this video game is solid. Some even think it’s better than the Avengers video game in many ways because of its setup and adventure. Since you’ll explore the universe, you’ll undoubtedly feel excited about how the graphics will look in space. If you enjoy playing superhero video games, you should add this to your list.

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