Hitman 3 Game Review – Perfecting the Art of Stealth

Hitman 3, like its name, seems to hit the mark in all aspects necessary. The game brings a remarkable ending to the much-loved Hitman trilogy. However, besides being one of the best assassin/stealth gameplay in the franchise, it also stands among the best video games in this genre.

Excellent Refinement Over Needless Reinvention

The first installments of the World of Assassination trilogy were already fantastic and still a great hit. No one expected the third installment to have a different plot or anything remarkably new and exciting, but all Hitman fans have nothing to worry about.

If you’ve played Hitman 2 before, you’ll see there’s not a lot of things different with this third one. However, it’s called the perfect ending for the series for a reason. While it’s not fundamentally different from the earlier Hitman versions, Hitman 3 brings excellent refinement to the World of Assassination.

It’s a lot like the Hitman 2 but polished to a high sheen, perfecting the exciting stages and bringing frictionless stealth gameplay. If you think the levels of Hitman 2 are fantastic, this ending to the series gives off an even more intricate design that thrives on its replay value.

The makeover wasn’t necessary but very much appreciated.

Superb Choice for Both Old and New Hitman Fans

If you are an old Agent 47 fan and have followed the series since 2016, the conclusion to the long-running franchise will give you a dramatic ending with its flawless gameplay. You can think of it as the same Hitman game you enjoyed for hours years ago but a more polished version of the Hitman experience.

Even if you’re a veteran Hitman player, you’ll still end up surprised with the storytelling twists on the game. There’s also something new, not entirely about the gameplay, but with the character. Agent 47 has always been a blank slate, but Hitman 3 gives him a surprising character development.

It’s also a great game for new and first-time players as this one still carries what made the first two Installments a hit. It still has that captivating storyline with its globetrotting and every way to kill unsuspecting targets. Hitman 3, although part of a series, also makes a great stand-alone that brings all the best things from the past games and more.

However, remember that it’s not a video game that gradually brings you into the world of intrigue and espionage. This 3rd Hitman installment will drop you right where it’s hot, giving you some fun and exciting guidance but with 100% taking your training wheels off.

The only downside about the third Hitman game is it only has six missions. Still, it’s not as short as you might think.

Bottom Line

It’s rare for trilogies to end on a high note, but Hitman 3 did it with its incredible refinement, all the ways you thought you never needed.

It’s not your run-off-the-mill add-on like what you feel in most game series. This version delivers a satisfying ending to the Hitman trilogy, giving you more satisfying gameplay with a lot of fun in varied stages. It’s simple to say that Hitman 3 remarkably hit the mark in consistency and confidence, where no other trilogy did.

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