Horizon Zero Dawn Review: Where Challenge and Fun Mix Well

One of the top ways to relax from a tiring week of studying or working is playing an exceptional video game. It’s time to get away from the stress for a while and focus on a new world with your favorite video game.

Technology made it possible to enjoy different video games more with advanced gaming console features. Plus, video games these days have unique gameplays that both kids and adults find more interesting. Don’t be surprised if you also see a non-gamer getting hooked on a playing video game because the industry has a lot of fun stuff to offer.

If you want to get into gaming and a portable console, you can invest in smaller consoles, like the Nintendo Switch. The screen and the controls are in one device, letting you play anytime and anywhere you want. On another note, if you want a better gaming experience, you should buy bigger consoles, like Xbox or PlayStation.

When it comes to games, you’ll never run out of options. If you’re a fan of action or adventure genres, there are many video games in the market, like Final Fantasy Series, The Last of Us, or Tomb Raider. On another note, if you’re into hunting or battling creatures, here’s a Horizon Zero Dawn review to consider.

Game Information

  • Released Date: February 28, 2017
  • Genre: Role-Playing, Action
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation Mobile Inc.
  • Developer: Guerrilla
  • Gaming Consoles: PlayStation 4 or 5, PC


Horizon Zero Dawn focuses on how the United States is pictured in 3020, and people live in tribes with minimal access to technology. Aloy, the main protagonist, grew up as an outcast, and she was never accepted in the Nora, one of the four tribes aside from the Oseram, Banuk, and Carja.

Aside from dealing with her tribe’s acceptance, Aloy and the rest of the people in the tribe has to deal with big robotic creatures that dominate the world.


This video game is an action, role-playing game that you need to play from a third-person view. You take control of Aloy and finish quests until you finish the game. However, if you think it’s that’s simple, you got it all wrong.

Quests don’t only revolve around the main ones that will stick to their gameplay. You’ll stumble on side quests along your way, which you can either reject or accept. Aside from that, there are also small errands to consider as you take on one quest to another. These quests make it very interesting to play compared to other action games.

Aside from that, the setting is very versatile because you encounter deadly machines and bandits, which can take your loots away. Hunting down bandits makes the game more fun. What will surprise you more is how bandits can control machines, letting machines defend them from you.

The graphics, sound effects, and music used in the entire game are exceptional. Everything is displayed on HD, even when you don’t have a very expensive television. There’s no lag when you play the game, especially when you’re battling bigger machines. Plus, you’ll love the attention-to-detail of this game, like the flow of the river flowing or grasses. It will give you a vibe as if you’re part of the game.


One feature that most games admire about this video game is the Touchpad button that will immediately open the entire map. Everything you need to see is indicated, from machines to campfires. The zoom-in and zoom-out functions make it easier to see a better view of where you’re supposed to head according to your quest or where your side quest is heading.

Many games also admire how innovative the machines are. As you play and roam around the area, you’ll discover new and bigger enemies, making it more challenging but fun as well. The notebook feature will give you more details on how you can fight it the next time in a smarter way. Once you start encountering different beasts, you’ll feel like you want to hunt the rest instead of getting scared.

When you kill your first watcher, you’ll find it very relieving at first, especially when you figure out how to know these machines out in one shot through their lens. It’s also the same feeling when overriding a Stryder or climbs a Tallneck. But the best feeling is when you’re able to defeat big machines, like Glinthawk or Sawtooth.

At first, you might find the area too big or the surroundings too wide. With the help of Aloy’s focus, you can easily detect if there’s a machine nearby, as well as resources, such as ridge woods, medicinal plants, or storage supplies. Aside from that, you can track down animals quickly, such as turkeys, foxes, and boards, with the lock-target option.

The weapons available for Aloy are also one of the reasons why gamers suggest it. Aside from the spear, the bow, and arrows, you can unlock other bows, and you can also craft your arrows from the resources you get for killing machines or roaming in the area. Plus, you can upgrade your weapons through modifications.

You can also craft traps and potions, which is an added factor in this game. Unlike other games where you have to roam to look for grenades, like Resident Evil, this game will let you craft your inventory, as long as you have the materials. Upgrading your bags also need resources, which are available in the wild.

Aside from the crafting and inventory section, gamers’ attention is the skill section, where you can learn skills in exchange for skill tokens earned. There are over 20 skills you can learn, which other action video games don’t offer.

This game will teach you how to pay attention to your surroundings because the resource is important. While roaming around the area or going on the way to the quest, you’ll stumble on collectibles, which you can trade with merchants at a good price. After all, you’ll need as many metal shards as you can to craft arrows, buy something from merchants, or upgrade something. With the help of Aloy’s focus, it’s easier to determine nearby resources.

Aside from the storyline, which most gamers love about the game, you also don’t have to meet any deadline on the quests. There’s no need to worry if you’re taking too long to move around a specific area. If you prefer to hunt more machines or gather more loots, you can pause from the quest and work on your inventory before heading to our quest’s destination.

Lastly, you can equip Aloy with different outfits, where each has its edge compared to others. You can upgrade her outfit to improve her protection against shock or freeze. Expensive outfits tend to have more advantages, such as camouflage.


An overall, this game received more positive reviews than negative feedback. More gamers are satisfied with the game, from story to graphics and sound. However, there is minor feedback on how the developer could’ve improved the game. Not all games have the same level and interest, which is why some pro gamers think it still needs further improvements, while new or average ones think it has everything that every gamer needs.

Some gamers are not happy with the side quests, which they think are unnecessary or related to the main ones. Other pro gamers also find it too safe to play, making it less challenging and interesting despite the unique story. One player also said this game is for teenage girls because of its pointless open-world exploration.

On another note, some gamers who gave it a high rating praised the graphics, the detailed world, and breathtaking music. Others admire Aloy’s personality, surpassing other people’s bad judgments about her and helping the tribe who didn’t accept her in the first place. Moreover, many gamers say it’s engaging and refreshing, making it the perfect way to unwind from stress.

If you’re a gamer who prefers to finish a game immediately, you may find this game too long to finish. Since there are side quests or errands, it doesn’t focus on how quickly you can finish the entire quests. You might even find it boring if you want a game with quick gameplay.

On the other hand, if you enjoy playing long adventure games, it’s the best video game to consider, especially if you’re a newbie in gaming. The number of quests is enough to let you get used to playing video games under story mode. Also, playing this game will teach you how to be more patient and determined in achieving set goals.

If you want to play the best hunting adventure game, you should undoubtedly try Horizon Zero Dawn. Whether you’re using a PS4 or a PC, you’ll enjoy every bit of the whole game. Instructions are always available on the screen, which is why there’s no reason for you to get lost. Plus, it’s not too complicated to understand, especially when it’s your first time playing an action, role-playing game.

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