In Sound Mind Review: Terrifying but Very Fun to Play

Gamers will always search for action games because most action games come with fun and challenging objectives. While others enjoy playing tactical or MOBA games, some enjoy playing action-adventure games to explore the game’s story. On another note, horror or thrilling games are also catchy to others.

Resident Evil has been one of the most popular thrilling games that gamers recognize, but there’s more in the market than the Resident Evil series. If you enjoy playing very scary video games, you should consider reading this In Sound Mind review. It’s one of the best thrilling games that you should give a try.

Game Information

  • Released Date: June 13, 2021
  • Developer: We Create Stuff
  • Publisher: Modus Games
  • Genre: Action-adventure game, Puzzle video game
  • Console: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC


The story of In Sound Mind revolves around Desmond Wales’ world. Desmond and his psychologist woke up only to find out he was trapped in an apartment building. The setup was after the whole town suffered floods. He’ll encounter cassette tapes, which represent the level of the game. These tapes are from the hub world, and when you control Desmond, these cassettes will provide an account of the character’s different patients once he’s transported to their psyche. In this psyche, literal monsters manifest fears. Once Desmond overcomes all fear-induced monsters, you’ll explore more about the story’s entire narrative. Also, as he explores every level, he’ll unlock and use tools to progress the game.


You’ll play this thrilling and psychological horror game from a first-person perspective, which is why many gamers feel excited to try it. Imagine playing a scary game as if it’s real. As you play Desmond, the protagonist, you’ll explore all cassettes that will lead you to face literal monsters, which you have to get over. The game is all about fear elimination, and it results in a compelling gaming experience.

This horror video game doesn’t use a single style of gameplay. You’ll not encounter a lot of hiding and sneaking, like the video game entitled Amnesia. You’ll also not experience guns-blazing like in Resident Evil. It is unique gameplay where you use various mechanics in every cassette you encounter.

On tape one, players will have to use a broken mirror to fright away the monster appearance of Virginia, a patient, in a claustrophobic shopping center. In this first tape, Virginia fears being looked at because of her injury, which made her disfigured.

On tape two, you’ll play it faster compared to tape one because you’ll have to avoid shadows, and you’ll have to keep the lights on when you’re in an open-world coastal place.

You’ll encounter different gameplays per cassette, making you feel like this video game comes in different types. Every gameplay is distinct, depending on the cassette Desmond faces.


The In Sound Mind may seem boring by name, but you’d be surprised why this horror game is the talk of the town.

The visual style of this game is very impressive. Since you’re playing it from a first-person perspective, many gamers expected that the game’s graphics would look realistic and not in a 2D style. There’s no disappointment in its visual style because everything looks realistic. Plus, every cassette tape comes with various visuals. From flooded streets to purgatory-like land, you’ll love the graphics, making you enjoy plying it further even though it can give you the chills.

There’s a little bit of combat involved when you have to strike enemies, but the game doesn’t only focus on the brutal part. In some cassette tapes, you might need to fight enemies, but it’s not always the case.

Another feature of the game is solving puzzles. It’s not only an adventure game but also a puzzle one. You’ll have to solve some puzzles to get over some obstacles, making the game more fun. If you’re searching for a bit of a challenge, you’ll find this feature very interesting. Moreover, there are linear designs in some parts of the game throughout the game, but there are still obvious paths for gamers to follow.

Lastly, the game also comes with a feature when you’ll explore more about the story, and it will let you obtain new weapons and items, which you might find handy on some levels. You’ll also need Desmond to do some backtracking if you want to obtain more weapons, which is an eight to ten-hour campaign.


The In Sound Mind video game may seem thrilling and interesting, but most gamers gave it an average level for rating. There are some features that gamers appreciate, but there are also features that need many improvements.

The graphics are impressive, and many gamers admire it because it’s in 3D. A lot also enjoy the scary parts of the game, which will undoubtedly give you chills when you’re playing it. It has a feeling as if you’re part of the game, and you’re encountering the monsters.

The gameplay is also another reason why gamers enjoy playing this game. The gameplay varies depending on the cassette that Desmond explores. Some levels can be very challenging, while other levels are straightforward. It will not bore you once you start playing because every cassette has unique gameplay that will make you want to explore the rest more.

Lastly, the game is not too difficult to play. Playing the game from a first-person perspective makes the instructions easier to understand and follow. However, if you are not fond of horror games, you might not last long because some cassettes are scary, especially those who haven’t experienced any horror games yet.

Nonetheless, this video game is always worth exploring because playing a thrilling game from a first-person perspective will let you grow and explore the world of being a gamer, regardless of what game you’re playing. If you want to experience playing a video game with a new vibe, you should consider the In Sound Mind video game. From gameplay to graphics, it’s already convincing and satisfying. Despite a few areas for improvement, you’ll still enjoy the game.

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