Just Dance Comes Back With More Exciting Dance Modes in 2017

The Just Dance game franchise certainly has gained a huge fan base since its launch. Some fans, however, were a bit disappointed with the 2016 version of the game. To redeem itself, the popular rhythm video game developed by Ubisoft came back this year with much-improved features. The improvements will surely make every Just Dance gamer excited.

Just Dance 2017 features a World Dance Floor for the “best in class.”  Aside from the usual extravagant graphics, neon illuminations, outlandish game approaches, this video game is a must-try. Here are some reasons why:s

Several Options for Tracking

Just like its previous versions, Just Dance 2017 can be enjoyed by four players eager to imitate the dance moves of the neon-colored avatars on the screen. Another great thing about it is its easy tracking mechanism, which can be done through many options. These options include Switch Joy-Con, Kinect, PlayStation Camera, Wiimote, or even just a mobile app on any major smartphone.

Though any access will do, ideal methods of tracking are Xbox One and PS4 with the camera. It is easier to move using these tracking devices than having to use a smartphone. Moreover, if a smartphone is to be used for this game, the gamer must bear in mind that the screen of his phone will be turned on for the rest of the match. Hence, it will consume much of the smartphone’s battery life.

Many Mode Options

Gamers will certainly enjoy the variety of fun modes introduced in Just Dance 2017. There are a lot of game modes to choose. On top of co-op and versus playlists, gamers can play in modes such as World Dance Floor, Machine, Sweat and Playlist, and Quests.

There is a lot of development that can be noticed with World Dance Floor mode as compared to the previous Just Dance edition. The best feature of this much-improved mode is that it allows a gamer to compete with fellow gamer dancers through its tournament mode and boss battles.

Machine mode, on the other hand, will give players a surreal experience with a rather simple mechanics. The player simply needs to imitate various dance moves from around the globe to help aliens recharge their spacecraft.

With the Sweat and Playlist mode, a player can either choose from available playlists or create an own playlist. Every time a player plays, he can check, alongside his score, the number of calories he has burned through a calorie counter.

Similar to the previous edition’s Vanilla Just Dance, the Quest mode has playlists with three songs. This mode can be played at different levels of difficulty.

While there is an abundance of exciting game modes for Just Dance 2017, the downside of this game lies on its scrawny on-disc tracks. The game developer’s solution to this is Just Dance Unlimited, a music streaming service specially designed for Just Dance. A gamer is entitled to three months of free usage.

Despite the limited on-disc tracks, Just Dance 2017 is probably one of the best editions of this dance game franchise. Every gamer and dancer by heart deserve a spot on its World Dance Floor.

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