Metroid Dread Review: Classic Games Made Better

Video games have been the most effective way to unwind from a stressful day. Whether you’re stressed from studying or working, playing your favorite game on your PlayStation, Nintendo, or computer can ease all the stress, especially if you’re playing action-adventure games, tactical games, and MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games.

Other gamers prefer tactical games or MOBA games because of their fast-paced gameplay, but most gamers would still look for an excellent action-adventure game that will make their weekends worthwhile. If you’re having a hard time deciding what video game to play, MercurySteam and Nintendo have something for you, which is a prequel to a video game from 2004. Here’s the Metroid Dread review to convince you why it’s an exceptional one.

Game Information

  • Released Date: October 8, 2021
  • Developer: MercurySteam, Nintendo EPD
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • Console: Nintendo Switch


The story of Metroid Dread follows the previous game Metroid Fusion, which was in Gameboy Advance. The prequel is about a bounty hunter named Samus Aran, and she explored the planet SR388, along with BSL or Biologic Space Laboratories’ survey crew. A parasitic organism called X attacked her during the search, causing her to lose consciousness until her ship crashed. It’s where the first X parasite was. The cure was from the infant Metroid that she adopted on SR388, which is the source of the vaccine. After regaining her health, she had to destroy the parasites and the SR388 planet.

As for the story of Metroid Dread, it follows the fate of the protagonist, Samus, along with Metroid creatures. After wiping out the X parasites with planet SR388, the Galactic Federation had another video transmission from a source, stating that the X is still there. After the news, there are seven EMMI or Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifier robots in a special unit, and these robots will face these parasites to ZDR. However, after the landing of the unit, these robots vanished. Samus will have to travel to ZDR to find out what happened. As she explored the area, she encountered something in a Chozo Power Suit. She lost consciousness again, and when she woke up, she was left with nothing, not even her suit upgrades. She’ll have to look for these until she can get back to her planet.


The gameplay of this video game is straightforward, and it’s an action-adventure game. You will control the protagonist, Samus Aran, as she explores the planet ZDR this time in Nintendo Switch. The game has side-scrolling gameplay, which the previous Metroid games have, but there are free aim and melee attacks. You’ll control her as she slides and clings to blue surfaces. Moreover, the main character has added stealth elements, especially when she’s avoiding the indestructible EMMI robots by reducing noise, hiding, and using the Phantom Cloak. If the EMMI robot catches her, she can choose what melee counter to do until she escapes.


The Metroid Dread video game retains its classic gameplay despite changing its console, and gamers are still excited to play it because of the following features.

The gameplay stays the same, making it less complicated for new gamers. Your target is to kill the enemies infected by the parasite. There are different weapons available, but there are no special abilities, unlike other action-adventure games.

The graphics of this video game is another feature you’ll love because it’s better and more appealing compared to the previous graphics of older game versions. The graphics are not very 3D, but it doesn’t disappoint the eyes because the color and contrast blend well. Plus, the design of the characters is also impressive enough to catch your attention.

Aside from the graphics, the sound of the game is also not disappointing at all. It doesn’t have a weird space-vibe, and it’s not scary at all when you’re playing it. It has a fun vibe that will make you feel more excited as you unveil level after level.

There’s a combat system for this video game, but it has a less brutal way. There are weapons involved, like the use of melee attacks. However, there are also other options you can consider, like hiding from the infected enemies. The side-scrolling gameplay makes it easier to fight enemies without any perspective issues.


The Metroid Dread video game received an above-average rating from many gamers because of its features.

The story of this video game is interesting for most gamers, which is why many played the rest of its version, which was back in its Gameboy Advance version. It’s not complicated, but the X parasite makes the entire story more thrilling and fun to explore, and with the new Metroid Dead game, gamers admire how the story continued the previous one.

The gameplay matches the story of the video game. Its side-scrolling gameplay is easy to play, which is why gamers enjoyed it more. However, some think that it could’ve been more challenging. Nonetheless, the gameplay doesn’t lack any action.

Gamers also enjoy the game’s graphics because it’s better, especially now that it’s on Nintendo Switch. The backgrounds are impressive, having the right balance of colors and contrast. These don’t look dull as you play the levels. Plus, the team made sure the characters were looking better than the previous version.

Lastly, the combat system of this video game is also exceptional, as per gamers. Even though it doesn’t focus on brutal attacks, the game may have melee attacks, but it doesn’t look too brutal once Samus attacks her enemies.

On another note, the gameplay is not too challenging for others. Some think that it lacks a bit of difficulty because of its gameplay, giving them the same vibe when they’re playing a Gameboy Advance. The levels are not very difficult to win, so the game needs some change to make it more challenging.

Nonetheless, this video game is one of the fresh games that every gamer should explore, especially if you have a Nintendo Switch. It’s not only easy to understand, but it’s also fun to play. Moreover, the graphics and sounds will give you a good time once you start playing it.

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