Mobile Strike: The Action-packed Mobile Game App

Mobile game players with a penchant for anything military will surely take great delight in Mobile Strike. App for iOS and Android devices, this mobile game is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online (MMO) that features a combination of manly virtual activities such as building an army and fighting in full combat. Mobile Strike will hook any avid gamer on his mobile phone for hours.

The Mechanics of the Game

The player begins his Mobile Strike adventure by building his very own home as well as his militia to protect his base. After that, he proceeds to initiate attacks to abolish nearby bases of adversaries. The game is divided into two types of constructions: internal and external destruction. It is a time-consuming, yet fun activity as the player will have to multitask, to begin with. He needs to gather resources, train his defense force, study his tactics and build his base and army all at the same time. He needs to check out the world map to look for possible nearby targets.

Gathering Resources

Owning resources is crucial in Mobile Strike. Before a player starts winning battles, he needs to equip himself and his army. Thus, there is a need to look for new technologies, upgrade constructions for stronger forces and weaponry. There are five essential resources you need to collect in the game: oil, silver, stone, food, and iron. Furthermore, certainly accomplished missions can win gold for the player. The mobile app also gives the player an option to purchase gold.

Winning Battles With Other Players

What makes Mobile Strike even more thrilling is because it gives the player the chance to play as part of a team. As an MMO, this game is designed to be enjoyed with other players. While playing on one’s own can be interesting at first, it eventually becomes a need to join forces with other players for more excitement and convenience. Collaboration among players is an excellent way to win battles. It will not only give the player an edge to win, but it is also a fun activity in itself.

The player can interact with each other through built-in chat mechanism. There is something about planning with other players that make this mobile game more attractive. Players can build partnerships to trade tactics and strategies as well as share gaming experiences.

The Cons

Before downloading this from the App store, a player needs to study the basics of Mobile Strike first. It is an exciting game, but sadly, it is not for everyone. Players who are not willing to spend a lot of time on a mobile game that has to be regularly monitored should think twice before starting this game. Moreover, since there are certain violent scenarios in this game, it is not advisable for children or teenagers.

Overall, Mobile Strike is a must-try game for players that crave for virtual action and thrill. This MMO will no doubt be a favorite topic in the universe of mobile gaming, especially for male gamers.

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