Monster Crown Review: Fun RPG Game to Play on Your PC

Gamers will never run out of options when it comes to choosing what video game to play. There are many genres in the gaming industry, and different developers have introduced countless games. Most gamers enjoy action and adventure games, while others prefer a role-playing games.

On another note, some don’t choose by genre. Other gamers enjoy playing games with pixelated graphics because it’s more fun. If you’re searching for a pixelated game that you can play during the weekends, here’s the Monster Crown review to convince you why many gamers are getting crazy over it. It’s not only because of the graphics.

Game Information

  • Released Date: October 12, 2021
  • Developer: Studio Aurum
  • Publisher: Soedesco, Studio Aurum
  • Genre: Role-Playing, Trainer
  • Console: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Computer


This video game is about an island with a history of heroic saviors and sadistic rulers. The island’s name is Crown Island, and it’s about to face a threat where someone is seeking power. What’s more interesting is how it comes in the form of a woman. There’s no character for you to control, but you can select how you want to design and name your character. It’s up to you to venture out with monsters to stop the threat.

As you play the game, you’d think how much it resembles Pokemon and Harvest Moon, but it’s a different storyline.


This role-playing game is easy to play, and it’s also an adventure you’ll enjoy playing because it’s all about taking care of monsters and breeding these to make new species. You’ll play it in 2D graphics, but it doesn’t prevent you from enjoying it further.

You’ll encounter 200 base monsters, which you’ll have to breed, but you have to make pacts with these in exchange for their protection. They need shelter, which is one thing you’ll have to build as you play this game. Out of the 200 base monsters you’ll encounter, you can fuse these to make a new breed.

To uncover the other world, you’ll have to travel to Crown Island with your monster allies. The key is to breed and make sure your monsters are very powerful. Your goal is to revive the sadistic Philosopher Kings as you explore the underground to bring them back to their thrones.

Also, it’s not only about breeding monsters or traveling across Crown Island to stop the malicious woman. You’ll also decide along with the game, which can change the post-game and ending.

You’ll love more about its gameplay and how you can battle with other players online and trade. Unlike other typical games, it will let you battle other gamers across the globe. You’ll meet new species as you encounter different gamers.


The Monster Crown video game is one of the trending games this month that gamers can’t stop talking about. There are features that you’ll undoubtedly love, which will prove why gamers enjoy it.

The graphics are the main reason to admire this video game. The pixelated 2D graphics make the entire game more fun because the characters and monsters are designed well. You’ll also love the background because it’s very bright and artistic. Plus, there are also parts of the game where you can see the actual graphics of the monsters in non-pixelated art.

The sound effects and music of this 2D game is another feature you’ll love because it matches the game well. There are no dull moments when you play it because it will make you more excited as you continue playing it. There are no weird sounds despite involving monsters. You’ll even find it cute because of its graphics as well.

Another feature you’ll love is the gameplay because it’s not too difficult to understand. It focuses on breeding and taking good care of monsters as if these are your pets. What’s more interesting about is gameplay is how you can create species from the 200 base monsters and play online against other gamers across the globe.

Lastly, the involvement of adventure also makes the game interesting. You don’t only focus on breeding monsters, but you’ll also need to explore the Crown Island along with them to stop the person who wants to seek power. As you explore the other world, there are other objectives you need to do, which makes the game more challenging.


Monster Crown is unlike the typical pixelated game you encounter in the market because it’s more of a role-playing game than an adventure. Many gamers admired the gameplay and concept of this video game, which is why they gave it an outstanding rating.

Many gamers loved the gameplay because it involved breeding monsters in pixelated graphics. It may not involve any combat system, but many gamers are satisfied with its concept. Aside from that, there are other objectives that you need to accomplish aside from breeding monsters.

The graphics are also another feature you’ll admire about this video game. The pixelated graphics steal the attention of many gamers, regardless if they are playing computer, PlayStation or Xbox. The background is already impressive because it’s bright and fun. Plus, the design of the monsters added more appeal to the overall graphics, letting most gamers enjoy playing it.

Lastly, the music and sound effects of the game match the graphics, which is another reason why gamers can’t get enough of it. It adds a lot to its overall vibe, letting you enjoy the game even though it has a light story.

On another note, others wished there was a bit of combat involved in the game. It mostly focused on breeding monsters and battling using monsters, but some wished there was a section where the main character gets to play and fight using weapons or skills.

If you want to experience a fun and light video game, you should try Monster Crown. It’s very easy to understand, and it comes in pixelated graphics. If you’re a fan of these graphics, you’ll undoubtedly love playing this video game on your computer, PlayStation or Xbox. Aside from that, you get to breed and create new monsters that you can use for battling.

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