Nintendo’s Former President Reggie Fils-Aime’s Thoughts on Metaverse, NFTs, and Nintendo’s Future

PAX West continues to be a grand event for gamers, developers, and even executives in the industry. Former president of Nintendo, Reggie Fils-Aime, was in attendance and gave his two cents about these three things: Metaverse, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and Nintendo’s future.

After leaving Nintendo, Reggie remains a significant figure in the gaming industry. His thoughts about the Metaverse and virtual reality provide insights for gamers and developers as he is technically considered an expert in the field. He said that the Metaverse remains a broad spectrum. A lot is yet to be explored in this area, but he believes it will be more immersive as time goes by. In terms of virtual reality being incorporated into the Metaverse, he doesn’t think it is necessary since augmented reality (AR) looks more promising. He is still looking for a compelling VR experience.

As for the NFTs, Reggie believes that developers should not just view them as a way to monetize; rather, they should have an inherent value that gamers would cling to aside from their economic value. He wants to see a token that sets the bar for that consideration.

When asked about the future of Nintendo, he believes that Nintendo will continue to compete in the market. He adds that Nintendo is a company that does things differently but effectively, and he is always excited about what the company does next.

He also gave his two cents about developers creating a union. Reggie Fils-Aime is in a neutral stand in that aspect. Still, he laid down three needs to be met to satisfy every worker’s need: economic stability, economic mobility, and recognition. He believes that when one of these three is not met, it can lead to employee dissatisfaction, not just in the gaming industry.

Lastly, Reggie Fils Aime also expressed his thoughts on gaming companies merging. The former president of Nintendo acknowledges that there are positive outcomes to it. Still, he also thinks that in the future, more and more independent developers will finally be ready to show the world what has been at the back of their minds for the longest time. 

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