Overwatch Review

Overwatch has been in full release for months now. If you haven’t already jumped on the sensation, you may be wondering if it’s really worth your time and money. Answering that question really depends on what you want out of the game, so here is a quick review of the game from a casual and competitive standpoint.

The Casual Experience

Overwatch is all about team play and antics. You don’t have to approach the game from a competitive standpoint to have a great time. Matchmaking will pair you with players similar to your level of skill, so you’ll be able to keep up no matter what. That said, matchmaking is going to pair you with four strangers, and sometimes those individuals will frustrate you. Other times, you might even be the frustrating individual. Regardless, the controls are mind-bogglingly intuitive and soaring through the air to make hectic plays is a naturally fun experience. The game looks amazing too.

The Sport

At this point, it seems like Blizzard is taking it personally that they don’t own one of the top spots for Esports. They have been none too shy when making it clear that Overwatch is made for professional competition. If this is your scene, then this might be one of the best opportunities to take a game seriously and see how far you can go. Blizzard is investing heavily in the game’s success as a sport, and it is still accessible enough to make a real run at being the best. Keeping team sizes down to five makes it easier to get a crew together, the matchmaking is pretty good, and the controls are precise enough for the best to really separate themselves. If you want a lighter taste of Overwatch as a sport, check out some of the top streams on Twitch. It might feel a little spastic at first, but the game is dynamic, action-packed and visually easy to follow.


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