Pokémon Café Mix – A Sweet and Simple Review

Pokémon loves to try all the genres out there, and in its latest release, Pokémon Café Mix is no different! This game gives you the chance to run a café with your favorite Pokémon characters. It’s a casual and laidback game with a super cute art style different from its previous puzzle games.

To simply explain, Pokémon Café Mix requires you to do several puzzles to form recipes. Just simply match icons to gather ingredients, and you’re good to go. Each stage varies, and you’ll meet more challenges as you advance further to more difficult levels.

Unlocking Combos and Abilities for Better Gameplay – Since these puzzles get harder along the way, you’ll have to acquire several abilities to make them easier. You’ll eventually get some of these abilities the more you play. Having them will not only help you for the sake of just making things easier, but it’ll also encourage you to strategize and perform certain combos.

These additional challenges are just like every other challenge in puzzle games. You have to clear the sugar cubes, clear all the honey and work through frozen Pokémon to finish the puzzle. But just as mentioned, you’ll eventually unlock abilities and play styles that would help you turn things around and help you get through it without feeling all heated up with the challenge.

Other Adorable Features To See – Outside the puzzle game, you can invite your other Pokémon buddies to help you with your job. You’ll unlock several facilities that will make your café much better and successful. Besides, that’s actually the main goal anyway.

However, if you’re looking for a café simulation game, this isn’t that game. While it does say café in its title, keep in mind that this game focuses only on the puzzles. This means that along the way, it’s just going to be you and puzzles the whole time, and you need to accomplish these to reach higher levels. This is a spin-off anyway, so it’s not like the usual turn-based battles and training as what you’re used to.

That may sound like a boring game, but it’s not at all. Pokémon Café Mix has so many contents that will make you stay and enjoy it. Even if the puzzle part is repetitive, you can take a break and focus on your café for a while. Eventually, you’ll have to do puzzles, but they’ll never be too challenging or bland for you to quit.

Conclusion– Truly, Pokémon Café Mix has almost no flaws of a game. It’s intended to be a simple casual game, and it delivered exceedingly well that people enjoyed it whether they’re Pokémon fans or not.

Pokémon never fails in creating charming games that feel warm and cuddly without compromising the challenges you’ll meet ahead. It’s a polished game even for a spin-off, and that’s something you can play casually without getting bored as you progress further. Pokémon Café Mix is definitely worth the try, and whether you want it on your switch or phone, you’ll fall short in the fun it offers

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