Pokémon Unite Review – Classic Game With a Twist

Have you always thought of being a Pokémon master when you were a kid? Almost everyone knows what Pokémon monsters are, and everyone also has their favorite monsters. Pokémon has been passed down from one generation to another, yet it’s still here with us, up to now.

Some used to play or watch these irresistible monsters on our television back when we were kids, while some collected or traded Pokémon cards when it was trending way back. Aside from that, there were also fun games for us to play on old GameBoy consoles. Now, it continues its legacy by introducing more games that users can play on their devices.

The Pokémon Company has been introducing different versions of Pokémon, and there’s so much more now than the 150 Pokémon monsters we know. You’ll meet new monsters as you play these games on your Nintendo, and you’ll get to play different genres, not only the typical adventure game most people are familiar with where you capture monsters and battle gym leaders.

Out of the several games introduced in the market by the developer, you should check out the MOBA of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game for your phones or Nintendo Switch. If you’re interested to know more about it, read this Pokémon Unite review.

Game Information

  • Released Date: July 21, 2021
  • Genre/s: MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), real-time strategy
  • Publisher: Nintendo, The Pokemon Company
  • Developer: TiMi Studio Group
  • Gaming Console: Nintendo Switch, Mobile Phones (Android and iOS)


The Pokémon Unite is unlike the typical Pokémon adventure game we used to play before. This game has an entirely new genre, where it has the same vibe as DOTA 2 or League of Legends. If you haven’t played either of the mentioned MOBA games, you don’t have to worry since this genre is easier to understand.


The game is straightforward. Two participating teams consist of five players, and each of you needs to select which Pokémon monster to use. Once you’re done selecting, it’s time to face and defeat wild Pokémon monsters. You also have to get the energy to score in the game, while the experiences you get from playing will help in boosting your Pokémon monster’s stats and improving your skills.

It’s somehow different from usual MOBA games because it has a twist. As you gather energies from defeating wild Pokémon monsters, the next step is the dunking sequence. You have to store those gathered energies to the opposing team’s goal while dunking through the hoops. A special Pokémon monster might also appear during this sequence, giving you added points or temporary buffs. The game ends in 10 minutes, and whoever gets the most points wins the game.

When you start earning coins or tickets, you can improve your Pokémon monster’s skills, and you can also buy skins for you, as a trainer, or for your Pokémon. Winning games will let you obtain as many coins or tickets as you need to purchase an item, a skin, or even unlock a new character to add to your roster. However, if you want to level up quicker, you might need to spend your money on gems, which will let you buy the license.


One of the highlights of this MOBA game is how the matches are short. You may not find yourself playing around for too long, but you can assure a match that’s full of strategies and activities. Plus, its straightforward gameplay assures excitement on every round until it leads to the final step because of the dunking sequence.

The sounds and graphics used in this game are kid-friendly, and it’s pleasing to the eye. It doesn’t show any brutal images, even when the Pokémon monsters are battling. It has cute graphics, like how games would expect Pokémon games would have.

Another exceptional thing about this game is the comfort it provides to all players in a team. There’s no pressure while playing, making you feel more comfortable with your teammates. When you play around for 10 minutes, you can enjoy the game with added thrill. You wouldn’t even notice that the game is too short because of the fun you’ll get on every move.

The roster has 20 Pokémon monsters, and each monster has its role. There are five categories, which is also a good feature of this game because it promotes responsibility despite its simplicity. The Pokémon you’ll choose can either be a Defender, Supporter, Speedster, Attacker, or an All-Rounder. Every category has its specific function, and through categories, one team can build a strategy, which is not present in other MOBA games. A balanced team has a better chance of winning the game.

There’s no strict rule that you can’t use two roles in one team. This game will let you experiment with which group of roles work better as part of your strategy. The experimentation feature will let you compose a strong team with freedom, making its gaming experience worthwhile.

In selecting your Pokémon monster, you can immediately see an overview of their skills, such as endurance, offense, support, mobility, and scoring. It will make things easier to decide how to make a stronger team for the next battle.

When it comes to controls, you can control your Pokémon monster using a simple button scheme, which is also the same for other players. When your character gains experience, the power-up option becomes available to train your monster in some special attacks. If you’re using a Pikachu, its Thundershock attack might change to Thunder or Electro Ball. There’s no need to check the menus, or power-ups don’t take too much of your time. In one press, your favorite Pokémon monster will learn a new move.

The in-game economy, which has a loot box-style lottery system and multiple currencies, can lead to confusion when you’re playing this game. It’s not a desirable feature for other gamers, especially kids, but it doesn’t affect the gameplay.

The in-game currencies include the following: Aeos Coins, Aeos Tickets, Holower Tickets, and Aeos Gems. You can earn all currencies while playing the game, except for the Aeos Gems because this requires real money to buy other Pokémon monsters or buy boosts. You can earn the Aeos Coins after every match, along with Trainer Level ups. You can earn Holower Tickets from loot box-esque random draw, and you can use these to buy skins. Lastly, you can obtain Aeos Tickets from events, and you can use these to buy enhancers or items.

Moreover, you can buy the Unite License version if you want early access to Pokémon monsters. However, it may be available sooner, but if you always want to stay ahead of the competition, buying the licensed version will benefit you.


The overall rating for the Pokémon Unite is above-average, meeting the expectations of many games, especially those who often play MOBA games.

Many gamers enjoy playing it, and it’s suitable for any audience. Aside from its straightforward gameplay, the controls will not cause any hassle once you start playing the game. There are few buttons on the game interface, making it easier to decide what your next move should be, and you can assure that there’s no lag as you battle wild Pokémon monsters with your teammates.

Aside from the hassle-free gameplay, a lot of gamers also love how quick the matches are. It lets them play more games until they can enhance their Pokémon monster’s skills. There’s a higher chance for users to end up paying more than their expectations.

The developer used to create games with pixelated art, which is what others still prefer. However, the graphics are not disappointing at all, especially when you’re already using an advanced gaming device, such as Nintendo Switch or mobile devices. Whether games like it or not, the graphics will always be better for a more realistic look.

A significant downside is having multiple currencies, such as the Aeos Coins, Aeos Tickets, Holower Tickets, and Aeos Gems. To a kid, this is too much to apprehend, and some gamers think it’s unnecessary to have multiple currencies when you can use one, which you can earn after battles, and another, which you need to purchase. Things are easier if this game uses two currencies instead of five.

There are some good deals from the game, such as the 90-level Battle Pass, yet you might need to spend a little to obtain these goodies. Nonetheless, you can enjoy playing it without spending a single penny.

Why not try something light and fun if you love playing MOBA games, like the Pokémon Unite. You’d undoubtedly want to witness how cute Pokémon monsters battle each other as if these are in a DOTA or League of Legends’ arena. The actions are not brutal, which is a good thing if you have a kid watching you. Also, the gameplay is easy to understand. If you’re searching for a new video game to install on your Nintendo Switch or mobile phone, you should install this game.

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