Nostalgic Thrill of the Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Millennial players, especially those kids who grew up in the 90s, will surely enjoy this mobile game app called Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars for iOS and Android will take them down to the memory lane by reliving the 1993 live-action superhero children’s TV series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The game app features a space witch named Rita Repulsa, who will act as the Power Rangers’ primary adversary. Players can enjoy creating their team of Power Rangers to battle with the game’s intergalactic antagonist and other virtual friends.

Aside from the nostalgia it will bring, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is worth every gamer’s time because of its notable features:

Customizable Power Rangers Team

What’s great about this Power Rangers mobile game is that the player has the liberty to put together his hard-hitting team of the mythical Power Rangers. The pleasure of the game begins with gathering up preferred characters and upgrading them to achieve their supreme powers. Setting up a team may appear tedious at first, but there is a peculiar gratification that comes with assembling and powering up his Power Rangers. It must be that childhood memory that goes with every Power Ranger character.

Aside from the joy of creating their team, players rave about playing to power up. The thrill of the game intensifies as players upgrade their best combatants with the Zeo Shards they earn in each battle and every mission. Any player will be enticed to work his way up the game ladder by improving his combat stats and winning streaks.

The only downside of this feature is that players need to spend to obtain the opportunity of progressing.

Real-time Multiplayer Game

What makes Power Rangers: Legacy Wars even more exciting is that it is a player-versus-player (PVP) game, which players can enjoy real-time. There is something about strategizing with other players that make the mobile game more appealing. Players can start alliances to exchange strategies, tactics, and combos. Players can use the chart feature of the mobile app to discuss stratagems. Plus, they can watch replay videos of the game to study their moves and come up with better game plans. Together with other mobile game aficionados, one can also unlock various showgrounds from the popular TV show or movie locations.

Striking Game Visuals

Full-scale three-dimensional character models, vibrant background and realistic animations will take every player’s gaming experience to the next level. Every battle will feel real because of the high-quality visuals of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

Power Rangers Character Collection

Either an avid Power Ranger fan or the average mobile game enthusiast will find it hard to put down their mobile phone once they successfully unlock a new Ranger. Besides, there are more than 40 warrior characters to collect. From the fighters in the latest Power Rangers movie to the 1990s famous Rangers, every character carries a unique supernatural ability. Even unlocking anti-heroes from all over the multiverse will excite the players.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a mobile game that will capture the interest of many millennial players. From the childhood memories to the new PVP thrill, this game will surely make you blurt out, “Go, go, Power Rangers!”

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