Quake Remastered Review: Best Remastered Version of Year

People can’t get enough of video games these days, regardless of any genre. Some prefer to buy action games, while others buy adventure games. Other users who are not into these genres play other games, like tactical or shooting.

On another note, there is a lot of shooting or tactical games in the market these days. You’ll never run out of options, especially when you want a first-person shooting game. If you yearn for something different, here’s the Quake Remastered review to convince you how exceptional the game is. 

Game Information

  • Released Date: August 19, 2021
  • Developer: Id Software, MachineGames
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Genre: Action, First-Person, Arcade, Shooter
  • Console: PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Computer


The story of this video game revolves around an unnamed protagonist, but they call him Ranger. Ranger had to go to the portal to stop an enemy under “Quake,” which was the code name. The government experimented the teleportation technology, where they improved Slipgate, which was a working prototype. Now, Quake, the enemy, compromised Slipgate and connected its teleportation system. Now, Quake is using the system to send death squads, which will test humanity’s martial capabilities throughout the Human dimension. 

Ranger, the Operation Counterstrike, was the only surviving protagonist, and he should advance. He’ll start from an overrun military base of humans before he gets into other dimensions, which will make him fight the enemies, and he has to pass through the Slipgate, and it’s the main objective of Ranger. He needs to gather four magic runes from Quake’s different dimensions since these are the key to ending Earth’s invasion, aside from stopping the enemies. 

There are different levels or maps, which are around 30, in four divisions. There are different difficulty levels as well, wherein you’ll find the boss level very challenging. You’ll also need to access magical ports, which you’ll discover throughout the game. Plus, you should expect different realms with some medieval, lava-filled caves, gothic, and dungeons. 


You’ll play this video game in a single-player mode, and it has a first-person perspective. It was the same gameplay from the first version back in July 1996, but it’s an improved version where you can play it on different consoles. You’ll control Ranger, and you have to stop the main enemy, which is Quake. As you play this game, you’ll stumble on different levels where you have to face monsters and find areas in secret zones. As you exit the door, it will open to another level. The best part about it is you can choose the difficulty level before the episode. 

One episode comes with seven to eight levels, and when your character dies, you have to start again. On the other hand, you can save your game if you’re using computer versions. Once you’re done with the episode, it will put you back to the Start level, where you can choose the next episode.

You also can play it in multiplayer mode, but you need to connect other computers to one server. It’s the only way you can play it in multiplayer mode. You can campaign together with your teammates, or you can also battle each other. The character respawns when it dies during the multiplayer mode. 

There are also different ways in how you can control the game. You’ll hop or jump if you want to move faster. You can change directions, but most of the time, you’ll jump through the levels.  It doesn’t have a convincing combat system, which is why if you’re into light games, you’ll enjoy playing it. 


Quake Remastered maintained most of its features, which is why gamers still enjoy playing it. Here are some reasons why it’s worth the shot. 

The graphics use a 2D style, which doesn’t go out of style. The developer kept its 2D graphics to keep the gaming experience it brings to gamers, especially when they can play it on different consoles. 

There are different gameplay, which makes it more interesting to play. You’ll already have a good time playing it in single-player, but if you want more challenges, you can always give the multiplayer a shot. Many games enjoy the deathmatch mode, where it’s a one-on-one duel, or you can play it in a tag-team mode. 

The combat system might disappoint you as it doesn’t focus on a hack-and-slash type. You’ll need to battle monsters, but you had to jump all through the level most of the time. It’s a easy game to play, which is why if you’re after lighter games instead of brutal or tactical ones, it’s the perfect game to play. 

Lastly, the story is not too boring, but the set of characters is minimalistic. The main protagonist is Ranger, while the main enemy of Ranger is Quake. There are no other significant characters throughout the level because it mostly focuses on the game’s background.


The Quake Remastered might have some points that the developer can still improve, but overall, gamers gave it an average rating. 

Gamers enjoy the easy-to-play gameplay since the instructions on how to play that is not easy at all. However, you have the option to make your level more challenging on every episode. 

The graphics team did an excellent job maintaining the game’s appeal as if it’s the same as from the 90s. The colors are vivid in this remastered version, but overall, the team retained its background. 

Lastly, there’s a story in the game, which may not be as deep as you expect it to be. On another note, the main protagonist named Ranger needs to fulfill the task if he wants to fix the problem in the system. 

On another note, the combat system is the least favorite feature because it’s nothing like combat at all. If you enjoy playing easy-to-understand games, you should give this video game a try. It’s not only easy to understand, but it’s also interesting by the story. 

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