Rain World Video Game for Players Hungry for Challenge

Rain World is a survival and platform game with post-apocalyptic misery as its main theme.  Despite the gloomy nature of the game, many players are enticed with this video game because of the engaging game environments, far-fetched animations, and obscure yet tempting mechanics.

Though the setting seems ordinary at the beginning, the thrill of the video game progresses in the long run as wild plants grow from enigmatic edifices and skyscraper skeletons stand tall behind a ponderous gray firmament. The player becomes a slugcat who needs to survive the post-apocalypse. The slug cat was taken away from its loved ones and suddenly thrown into a polluted city beleaguered with unpredictable atrocities.

Survival is the player’s ultimate goal in this game. Hence, he needs to eat anything, even bats, to subsist and hibernate. To survive, the player is a nomad w becomes a prey and a predator in the process.

Perfect for Thrill Seekers

The first few hours of playing Rain World may infuriate those who lack time and patience but will stimulate the senses of players who love time-consuming, mind-boggling scenarios. The miserable journey of the slugcat appears unwieldy, and the player might find it hard to control his jumping.

However, once the player becomes familiar with the game controls and the predicaments that must be faced, Rain World becomes a thrilling video game that will leave you no room for monotony. As soon as the player becomes accustomed to the fundamental survival scheme and the exact costs of death become observable, the player will certainly start to enjoy every bit of the game.

In other words, Rain World is just an enormous puzzling activity that requires a player’s extreme patience. But with practice and a huge amount of interest in the game, any player will eventually indulge in the adventure-filled world of the slugcat.

Limited Moves

The fact that one cannot erase in the Rain World is the small number of moves a player can do with a slugcat. Though this may sound like a negative point, some players might relish the challenge of having to put up with just a few numbers of moves to win. The trial and error strategy needed in the game is as stimulating as it is exasperating.

Room for Creativity

What hooks many players into this game is probably the opportunity to apply creativity in the match strategy. As a survival game, Rain World demands its player to think and strategize. The first few hours will be strenuous. It is not a game for those who wish to unwind or relax. It is more of competition for those who want to take on challenges. The diversity of Rain World’s barren lands, however, will motivate the player to continue playing the game.

Overall, Rain World is an excellent 2D survival and platform game that can be recommended to players hungry for a challenge. With impressive graphics and animation plus a challenging mechanics, players will enjoy not just the visuals but also the strategy building nature of the game.

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