Roblox Review: Top Choice of Parents for Their Children

Publisher: Roblox Corporation

Developer: Roblox Corporation

Release: September 1, 2006

Aside from Minecraft, Roblox is the go-to mobile game for all kids, and many parents recommend it. Typically, it’s for 13 years old and up, but the best part about this game is when the kid is younger, the settings automatically change to a stricter one. Here’s a review of how this game captured the hearts of many.

You can get this game for free, and you can play it on a wide variety of devices. Aside from smartphones and tablets, this game is also accessible on computers, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Xbox One. It’s also not completed to understand, which is why even kids can explore the game on their own.

The best thing about this game is how you can create almost everything. You can create your theme park, and you can also create games to play with your friends. There are creative tools that will help you make the perfect game that you and other players will enjoy. Plus, the interface is easy to use as well.

You play any game without the need to pay anything. You can create and dress your character any way you want. However, if you want added features, such as rare skins, you have to pay for these added features through Robux. If you’re not too obsessed with dressing up characters, you don’t need these added features because you can still play games.

Moving over to graphics, this game is not very desirable. Kids may not notice its graphics in detail, but teens, young adults, and adults might find this game boring. The fond used and chosen colors in the entire game are not catchy.

The sound effects and music of every game are suitable for kids. The sounds are upbeat, giving you a nostalgic feeling as if you’re playing a Super Mario game. It’s what makes every game exciting, which is why kids enjoy it.

Multiplayer is available, which is you have to play it with an internet connection. You can find and add your friends without any hassle using their usernames, and you can invite them on the spot on any game you wish to play.

On the other hand, the playability of this game is only satisfying for kids. There are higher chances for the game to lag, kicking you out of the session. If you’re playing in a multiplayer mode with your friend, and you get kicked out, you will not be able to return to the exact session where your friend is. The only option is for both of you to start the game again, which is not something that older gamers would appreciate. Getting disconnected in a game can boost your gaming momentum.

As a verdict, kids find Roblox more interesting because there are a lot of user-created games available. Aside from that, all features are safe for kids, even when the game has something to do with zombies. You can adjust the game’s settings if you want to restrict other features for your kid. Nonetheless, you can encourage your kid to create games to boost his or her creativity.


Instead of making a world, this game will let you make your games. You can play these, and you can also invite your friends to participate.


The graphics are not very remarkable to teens or young adults, but kids don’t mind how the developer designed the graphics. Even every character’s appearance is not very appealing, yet kids enjoy dressing their characters up.


Catchy, especially when you’re playing a game. It’s somehow similar to adventure games you play on old gaming consoles, like Super Mario. Also, the sound effects whenever you die in a game are funny.


You can play this game however you want, whether you participate in games or you create one. The controls are also straightforward, depending on what you’re playing. You can create virtual items to buy or sell if you want to dress up your avatar.


It can be very entertaining for kids, but the excitement level is not the same for older gamers. If you enjoy making stuff or watching others play your game, you’ll love it.


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