Sonic Colors: Ultimate Review: Extremely Fun With a Nostalgic Vibe

Video games are popular stress relievers, especially for adults these days. You’d expect kids to enjoy playing video games more, but even adults can’t get enough of it. There are many games to consider, and there are also different genres. Most gamers enjoy an action-adventure game, while others love playing tactical games.

On another note, some gamers also find platform games interesting. If you’re up for a new experience in gaming, you’ll also find a lot of platform games, whether you’re using an Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, or PC. If you can’t find a good game to play, here’s a Sonic Colors: Ultimate review to convince you why you need to try it out.

Game Information

  • Released Date: November 11, 2021
  • Developer: Sonic Team
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Genre: Platform, Action-adventure
  • Console: Nintendo DS, Wii, Switch, PC, and Xbox one


The Sonic Colors: Ultimate video game has the same story as the Sonic Colors game released in 2010. Sonic has been popular since day one, and he’s known to be the fastest hedgehog to run, along with other characters. Sega has been publishing many Sonic games, and for every game, people have been enjoying it. Now, it’s planning to release a version of this game to Xbox.

The story started when Doctor Eggman opened the amusement part, which he called Dr. Eggman’s Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park. The amusement part turned over a new opportunity, and it made previous transgressions. As you play this platform game, you’ll see many planet-sized attractions, which lead Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails, his best friend, to check it out and investigate.

When Sonic and Tails explored the amusement part, they met a lot of people, like Yacker. Yacker is also famous as Wisps, a part of the alien species. Tails created a translator so he can communicate to him where he found out that Eggman enslaved him. Eggman plans to bind the energy for a mind-control laser, and it will let him control the world.

As Sonic continues to explore different planets, he’s been shutting down generators of amusement parks to save the Wisps. He met a lot of friends as he continues to explore the amusement part. He needs to free the wisps until one problem occurred. The amusement part exploded as he faces Eggman.

There are tweaks on other consoles, like in the DS version. In this version, Tails and Sonic learned that Eggman infected the Mother Wisp. Sonic had to fight her in this version until she becomes normal.

The Sonic Colors: Ultimate version is available on Xbox, but it has the same storyline.


This game is a platform and an action-adventure game in an outer space setting. You will control Sonic the Hedgehog as the protagonist. You have to save the wisps from Dr. Eggman, and you’ll roam around the amusement park created by this villain. There are small planets linked to each other, and you have to explore these to find the main source.

There are six main levels, and the seventh level is the boss level. At every level, your goal is to dodge obstacles and defeat enemies. When you’re about to face Dr. Eggman at the boss level, there are big robots you also need to defeat.

The gameplay is about side-scrolling in a third-person perspective. While playing, you’re given a grade, and it’s either an “S” for being the best or a “D” if your performance is worse. As you continue to explore other levels, you’ll unlock a bonus round.


Sonic has always been popular with many kids and even with adults. There are different games in the market with different gameplays, but this one is worth your time. Here are some of its exceptional features.

The graphics of this game is three times better than the original one. It has always been improving, but the graphics team made sure this game will look better than old versions. It’s very realistic, as if you’re not playing a Sonic game. Despite the 3D graphic of this game, Sonic and Tails still look cute.

The sound used in this game will give you a nostalgic vibe, which makes it more fun to play. The signature sound effects of sonic are the sound when he’s collecting rings. Moreover, the boost of Sonic is also another thing to look forward to. Music used in the game syncs well with its graphic. It’s never too young for adults, and it’s also not too old for kids. There are no foul words here because of its cartoon vibe.

The gameplay is also straightforward. If you’re into complicated games, you’ll enjoy playing this video game. You need to get to the end of the level by dodging obstacles and defeating enemies. The combat setting of this game is not a feature you’ll look forward to because it’s not a fighting game where you need to use a weapon to defeat an enemy. It’s a fun way of battling with enemies less brutally.

Another feature you’ll love about this game is the chance to activate Wisp power-ups. Since you’re your goal is also to save Wisps, you can activate power-ups. You’ll stumble on eight different types of Wisps. Every type has its advantage, and it will depend on the color. If you face a white-colored Wisp, you get a boost in your speed. As you continue to play this platform game, you’ll unlock more unique abilities.

You can play this game in solo mode, but it will allow you to play it in multiplayer mode. You can even upload your scores if you’re using a Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

The boss level is what you’ll look forward to in this game. You might think it’s not challenging enough because it doesn’t focus on a brutal fight method. The boss level is that you’ll also have to fight with large robots aside from Dr. Eggman.

Lastly, the challenge that makes this game worth your time is how you need to collect golden rings with a limited number of lives. It’s not as easy as before. When you collect more rings, you get more chances of surviving throughout the game. When Sonic hits an obstacle, he loses his rings, which is the risk in this game because you’ll lose a life when you hit an obstacle without ample rings. Once you use your life, the game is over.


The Sonic Colors: Ultimate video game received an above-average rating from gamers who could play it first on other consoles. There is a lot of positive comments about the game, but there are also other improvements.

The graphics of this game are one of the best points, and many gamers admire them. The nostalgic vibe you can get from older versions is better now, especially when you’re playing it on up-to-date consoles. The colors used by the designing team make the entire game look more appealing, especially the signature color palette of Sonic and Tails. Many gamers are having a good time playing this game because of the graphics alone.

When you add the soundtracks and sound effects used in the game, gamers admire how it matches the theme of the game’s graphics. When you hear how Sonic collects rings, it’s very relieving in the ears. It’s as if you’re collecting coins and having them in your bank.

Lastly, another good feature of this game is the straightforward gameplay. There’s no need to stress how you need to play the game because the rules are easy to understand. The goals are very clear, and even without background about Sonic, you’ll also understand how to play the game. All you need is to dodge what you have to so you don’t lose your rings and fight enemies to make sure you save your rings as well.

On another note, some gamers expected the graphics to be more colorful because of its title. However, some think that the color lacks contrast. However, when a cartoon has too much contrast, it’s not pleasing in the eyes at all. You might have a hard time playing this platform game when the screen is too colorful.

Also, some gamers didn’t appreciate its 3D graphics. Most games of Sega started in a 2D graphic, yet it was never an issue at all with its gameplay. Everyone had fun while playing this game, but as developers try a different approach, trying games in 3D is another way to give gamers a new gaming experience. However, other gamers think that the 3D graphic affected the overall vibe of the game.

Nonetheless, this game doesn’t fall short on its gameplay and storyline. Others may find it too light with a little challenge, but many gamers, even pro gamers, find it very interesting. The rules of this platform game are easy to understand, and anyone can play them. If you want a fun game that will not leave you any stress, you should play Sonic Colors: Ultimate.

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