Star Wars Battlefront II Left Gamers Several Open Questions

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – The recent campaign of the Star Wars Battlefront II gave a lot of gamers a deeper look at the Galactic Civil War that is now slowly diminishing. However, more than reminiscing the aspects of the game, it has also left some open questions to everyone.

The Battlefront II was able to clear up some of the questions a lot of fans had been asking when it comes to the Star Wars canon. It opened a strong understanding of the Empire’s plans after the second Death Star destruction and the events that soon led to the Battle of Jakku. While the campaign was able to shed light on these kinds of questions, it has also brought more issues compared to the number of answers they were able to provide.

One of the parts that are still unclear is how Hask was able to survive. At the Battle of Jakku, dozens of the Imperial TIE fighters were shot by Iden Versio. One significant character included was Gideon Hask, her former friend. Hask was presumed dead after his dogfight with Versio when he was seen bursting into flames.

But that wasn’t how exactly it ended. Decades later in the story, Hask reappeared during the game’s dialogue as an officer of the First Order. A lot of fans are now asking how Hask survived.

Star Wars Battlefront II Left Gamers Several Open Questions

Luke Skywalker and Del Meeko also formed quite an unlikely alliance during the Star Wars Battlefront II campaign. It was to be able to survive in their missions about the mysterious observatory of Emperor Palpatine in Pillio.

There, they found many objects along with the map that soon led Luke to the Jedi Temple. In the canon, it was confirmed that Palpatine has other observatories like this in a lot of parts in the galaxy. That led fans to question what other objects can be found in other of Palpatine’s observatories.

The Star Wars Battlefront II campaign also left a lot of people asking what the Project Resurrection is all about. After the execution of Del Meeko, Gideon Hask was found to have an aggressive argument with a stormtrooper named Gleb about something they called the Project Resurrection. There were a few tiny details said about the topic like Gleb’s promises to triple her and her teams’ effort on the project. That left fans questioning how vital this particular project is.

During the epilogue of the Star Wars Battlefront II, there were few mentions about Iden Versio. However, it is rather unclear where she is now decades after the fall of the Empire at Jakku. There are a lot of speculations and assumptions about her now holding a high position at the New Republic or joining the Resistance to fight the First Order, but nothing can confirm either.

In the epilogue, during the dream sequence, it was mentioned that Del and Iden have had a daughter together. But more than that, there is no other information revealed about whom the girl is. That mystery left countless of fans questioning and scratching their heads. That might be what the Battlefront II is really trying to do.

After the Star Wars Battlefront II campaign, a lot of Star Wars fans posted several of their predictions. Hopefully, the campaign DLC in December will be able to shed some light on these questions.

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