Be With the Force in the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mobile Game

What can be more thrilling for fans of the popular George Lucas’ epic space film series Star Wars than a mobile game that embodies every bit of their favorite movie?  From visually outstanding graphics to the famous Star Wars musical scoring, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game for iOS and Android that will surely be enjoyed by any Star Wars buff.

The film is absolutely awesome when watched on screen, but developers of this mobile app figured it would be more amazing to experience the Star Wars galaxy in a virtual setting.  With the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mobile app, players can fulfill their dream of becoming a master of the galaxy.  They can experience battles with their beloved light and dark side idols in locations similar to the movie’s setting. Below are other great features of this mobile game app.

Customizable Teams

Whether players want to build a team of nonconforming spearheads or they want to start an army of supporters of an empire, players will surely enjoy the liberty of creating an elite team of light side characters and a tough team of the dark side by bringing together larger-than-life heroes and other popular Star Wars characters. Selecting teammates with skills complimentary to each other is a great start to having an unconquerable squadron.

Interactive Game

Players will surely enjoy strategizing or battling with their friends and even strangers. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes features a Guild Chat where players can communicate with each other while playing.  The chat will serve as their meeting room to discuss strategies and tactics.  This Star Wars mobile game also has the Daily Guild Activities which players should accomplish to receive occasional rewards. By interacting with other players, one can customize his team and have the opportunity to be on the Guild Leaderboards’ top post.

Customizable Fleets

In Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, players can customize not only their respective teams but also their battle ships.  They can assemble iconic spaceships and enormous Capital Ships to build their mighty flotillas.  Once the player wins a battle, he will obtain a special upgrade for more materials.

Opportunity for Upgrades

A great feature of this Star Wars game is the many upgrade opportunities awaiting the wide-eyed player.  Each time a player participates in a battle, they get the chance to upgrade their heroes’ abilities and earn bigger wins. Then fight other players in Squad Cantina Battles, PvP Squad Arena, and Squad Tournaments to achieve galactic greatness.

Room for Improvement

Despite the many exciting features of the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, there are still some areas of the game that could be enhanced for a better gaming experience.  One of these areas is its complex menu.  The menu should be as straightforward as it can be for the benefit of those who are new to mobile gaming.  Moreover, the battles can still be made more exciting by putting the level of difficulty up a notch.

Notwithstanding the minor areas for improvement, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is still one of the well-loved mobile games in iOS and Android app stores today.  For that, it is reasonable to say that the force is with this mobile app.


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