Bomberman Action Maze Game Returns in 3D with Super Bomberman R

After many years of technology upgrades, the popular 1985 party battle video game Bomberman comes back to life with a more sophisticated version called the Super Bomberman R.  The mechanics of the game have not changed a bit. The game’s hero, Bomberman, fights with opponents by planting bombs along the way.

The edge of Super Bomberman R to its 1987 version is that it comes with more realistic and modern visuals, thanks to the wonders of three-dimensional technology! Moreover, this recent Bomberman video game gives players the opportunity to play on an international level. They can battle with contenders from around the globe.

Here are some reasons that Konami and HexaDrive’s latest action maze video game is a super bomb for any gamer with a Nintendo Switch console:

Fascinating Story Behind the Game

One of the factors that make any player hooked to a video game is the intriguing story unfolding right in front of them as the match progresses. Super Bomberman R boasts of this feature. It owns a story-based mechanics that involves over 50 stages of bombing adventures. The protagonists of this game’s humorous story are the Bomberman Brothers.  With the aim to put an end to the despicable scheme of the wicked monarch Bugler, the Bomberman brothers engage in battle by bombing Bugler’s malevolent bombers.

Diverse Game Activities

As the story develops, an astounding amount of variation in goals and missions awaits the player. Initially, the player simply runs from one place to another in a small maze. While moving in different directions, the player plants bombs or throws one at his rivals. Though most of the game levels merely concentrate on extinguishing adversaries, the player will surely enjoy other activities throughout the game. These activities include liberating citizens, discover switches and keys, and overcome continuous influx of opponents.

Control Over the Character

As the player successfully destroys some blocks by bombing them, he obtains power-ups that empower him to throw more bombs, level up on speed and level of damage.  These power-ups also allow a player to modify his bombs into various forms. On the other hand, the player may adjust his weapon’s capacity through power-downs. This can reduce the bomb’s damage level and decrease the number of bombs he can throw.

Gaming on a Global Scale

With different modes available, players from all over the world can play the Super Bomberman R. In the Battle mode, as many as eight players from different locations can enjoy an interactive Bomberman game. On the other hand, the Story mode of the video game, which lasts for just more than an hour, allows even just two players to engage in a battle.

In nearly all aspects, Super Bomberman R is an average yet highly entertaining action maze game. Despite the Story Mode of the game being relatively short, the entire game is an engaging and relaxing way to spend an idle day. With good visuals and a familiar nostalgic game mechanics, Super Bomber Man R is a must-play party video game.

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