Super Mario Run Mobile Game Launched for Android Users

After its successful launch in the world of Apple aficionados in December last year, Super Mario Run now invades the Android sphere.

Super Mario Run had the biggest launch for an iOS game reaching about 40 million downloads from Apple users in just four days. With such outstanding feedbacks from mobile gamers, the Japanese video game company, Nintendo, made this popular smartphone game app also available on Android gadgets just three months after it was released in iOS.

In a nutshell, the Super Mario Run is a version of the Super Mario game released in the mid-1980s, specially designed for mobile gaming. Using just one hand to play on their mobile phones, gamers can now navigate Super Mario through different levels of warp pipes and platforms while seizing coins and bumping into mushroom power-ups. The game is downloadable in the App store for free. However, users who wish to continue playing after Level Three will need to pay a price to gain access to the next levels of the game.

So, what is it about this new popular mobile game app that users are raving about? Let us discuss them one by one.

The Basic Features

Google Play lays down clearly the basics of the Super Mario Run. So, before downloading the game, it won’t be a hassle to check out the following details:

  • Can be played with one hand
  • Tapping is used to controlling Super Mario
  • Downloadable for free, but game can be purchased to allow access to all levels and modes
  • Has three modes namely, World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder
  • Internet connectivity required to play

Thrill of Playing with One Hand

Though Super Mario Run may appear to be your typical side-scrolling mobile game, it is essentially an auto-runner, a type of game that became popular on mobile. Thanks to the famous Temple Run! Even without controlling him, Super Mario seems to be running eternally to the right of your mobile’s screen. With a few taps and presses, Super Mario will do exactly as you please.

Using just one thumb to play, this Nintendo game will give you a very engaging gaming experience as there are a lot of opportunities to explore and be creative. Aside from the predictable wall jumps and flying performances, Mario can hurl himself over adversaries and clutch onto a ledge. New elements in Super Mario’s environment such as blocks that halt Mario’s never-ending movement make the game even more exciting.

Creativity in Customization

A unique highlight of the Super Mario Run is its kingdom-building feature. Adding buildings and other elements to the Mushroom Kingdom will certainly rouse any player’s imagination. Players need to collect enough coinage to access the city-building mode of the app that will allow them to modify the look of the Kingdom.

Technical Downside

Despite the entertainment brought by the entire mobile game, Super Mario Run does not come in flawless form. On a technical aspect, the gaming app is loaded with some nasty elements of mobile gaming. For instance, many gamers will surely frown at how they will have to wait to be able to unlock new contents. Moreover, the app needs internet connectivity to be able to function, making its availability less than satisfactory.

With exciting features and a convenient download, Nintendo’s Super Mario Run will surely be a favorite game app in the Android community. As much as it captured the interest of Apple society, it will gain a spot on every Android device.

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