Surviving the Aftermath Review: Manage Your Colony Smoothly

Survival video games are becoming more popular nowadays. Since the release of the Walking Dead, many developers conceptualized video games relating to the apocalypse, and these survival games became trending in the market. If you’re searching for the best video game to play on your PlayStation 4 or computer, you should consider this Surviving the Aftermath review. You’ll know why many gamers find it very interesting. 

Game Information

  • Released Date: November 16, 2021
  • Developer: Paradox Interactive
  • Publisher: Paradox Interactive
  • Genre: Action-adventure, Survival
  • Console: Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, computer, PlayStation 4


There’s no story behind this video game despite being an action-adventure one but the setting is in a post-apocalyptic future. The game’s focus is to survive and thrive, which means the controller, who’s also the main character, needs to look for resources to survive. It also has a builder-type of setting, letting you restore the civilization. 

The main character needs to build a colony free from disaster until you restore the civilization. It would help if you protected this colony until you’re able to thrive amidst the post-apocalyptic future. 


You’ll play this survival, action-adventure game in a third-person perspective, and it comes with many game features that you’ll love. Since there’s no protagonist to control, you’ll see the world as you build a colony from a third-person perspective. Unlike other games, it may not have a deep narrative, but you can never go wrong with the game features of this game because it has many to try. 

One feature is called “No Place Like Home,” where you build a colony and manage the survivors after the event. You need to build over 61 unique buildings if you want to handle everything. You’ll also collect resources and farm. Plus, you’ll learn how to secure your colony. 

Another feature called “Surviving Earth” will let you explore six various biomes with wildlife, resources, and more. Every environment comes with different conditions, which might affect the survival of your colony. Try to stay vigilant against dangerous animals, natural disasters, and bandits. 

There’s another feature called “Expect the Unexpected,” wherein the life after the event needs moral choices, which you must make them. You cannot control everything, but you can control how you respond to emergent events and situations. 

The “Defend the Gate” feature will need you to strengthen your gates to protect the people inside your colony. Sometimes, there are rampaging animals, along with deadly bandits. As this breaches the game, they’ll take lots and destroy buildings. You have to command your specialists to push the enemies back. 

Lastly, the “Reputation Management” feature will let you experience the consequences of your decisions, affecting the colony’s survival. It might affect the way you trade with other societies or even your relationship with other leaders. 

Mods are also available in this game. You can bring your visions through Paradox Mods, which makes it very interesting. 

The concept is very similar to the video game Surviving Mars, which gamers can’t stop playing. 

Surviving the Aftermath Review- Manage Your Colony Smoothly


Surviving the Aftermath is one of the most anticipated video games on computers because of its gameplay. Here are the top reasons why people can’t get enough of it. 

The gameplay is unique as it comes with many features, focusing on specific things. Some of the features that it comes with include Defend the Gate, Reputation Management, Surviving Earth, No Place Like Home, and more. It’s not difficult to understand, letting you play it with convenience, regardless of any console you use. 

The graphics of the game meet the expectations of many gamers as well. It comes in a 3D style, which most gamers love, and the color palette used in the graphics is pleasing to the eye. It matches the setting of the game, which is the post-apocalyptic future. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy playing this video game. 

The choice of music and sounds is also one thing that attracts gamers more. It matches the gameplay, but it doesn’t sound too creepy at all. The sound effects match the action of the game.

There’s a combat system in this video game, but it’s not typical to control the protagonist as they fight enemies with weapons. Some troops will fight enemies, but you don’t have to control these because the program is automatic for combat. Others don’t appreciate this way, but it’s the best program to fight your enemies since the setting is unlike other video games. 

Lastly, there are mods available through Paradox Mods. You can customize your game if you want to be unique. It’s easier with the available mods.


Surviving the Aftermath gathered much exceptional feedback about the game’s performance, and gamers gave it an above-average rating. 

Gamers enjoyed the unique gameplay of this video game since it comes with different features. There are many ways on how you can play it, which doesn’t make it too boring. Even though you don’t control a protagonist, you can still enjoy what you’re playing because various features will let you experience many things. 

The graphics of Surviving the Aftermath are also pleasing to the eye, which is why gamers recommend it. It’s not too vivid or dull, perfect for the setting since it’s a post-apocalyptic future. The team did an impressive job in designing the background and characters. 

On another note, gamers didn’t appreciate the combat system of this video game. Many wanted more action, but since the game focuses on building havens and collecting resources, the program is automatic when an enemy invades your colony. Your troops will fight these enemies, but you cannot control how they fight the enemies. 

Nonetheless, this video game is one of the suggested action-adventure games by many. It has exceptional gameplay that will make you want to play it more. Plus, the graphics of this video game is designed to perfection, which adds impact to the overall view of gamers towards it. If you want to experience a different setting, you should consider playing this video game.  

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