The Big Con Review: The Teenage Robin Hood of the Family

Playing video games has a lot of positive effects on people, and one is relieving stress. If you have a long week full of work or studies, a good game can fix your mood and let you focus again on what you’re doing.

There are many games you can check, and there are different genres as well. People can aid stress when they are playing action games or tactical games. Fighting someone using weapons or bare hands is what relieves the stress. As for others, playing a good action-adventure game is enough to distract them in the meantime from stress.

If you’re looking for an awesome adventure game to play on your PC or Xbox, a new game developed by Mighty Yell will bring fun and excitement. Here’s The Big Con review to convince you why you need to check it out now.

Game Information

  • Released Date: August 31, 2021
  • Developer: Mighty Yell
  • Publisher: Skybound Games
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Console: Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC


The Big Con revolves around the life of a teenager named Ali Barlow. She badly wants to save the video store, which her family runs. The store is about to face foreclosure after loan sharks approached them for collection. Ali’s emotions are crumbling, and she can’t prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed. She wanted to look for solutions to save a lot of money to save her family’s business. He needs to save around $100,000, but she has no idea what to do.

The mother of Ali also has another issue to face, which is the future of her daughter, Ali. She wanted Ali to be a professional trombonist, and she used her funds to send her to a music camp. The story of how Ali wants to help as a daughter and how her mom wants her daughter to have a brighter future creates conflict, making it more relatable and heartwarming.

Many people are attached to the video store, so it’s not easy to let go of it, no matter how small it is. The mission of the story is to keep the store running.

Ali is the protagonist, followed by her mom, Linda, and a delightful con-man called Ted, who sucks Ali into the morally dubious crime spree. These characters play a big position in the game, and every role is important in making expressive interactions.


This video game is an adventure game with scenarios that are full of lessons. The game plays out like a family film from the ’90s. You’ll control Ali and look for many ways how you can save the needed money for the loan sharks.

It’s a modern adventure game with a 1990s vibe with many interactions. You’ll have to travel from one place to another to do a con job, which will let you earn and save money to pay for your debt. You’ll encounter different scenarios, such as riding a train with Ted, the person who helps you get jobs or steal some money before moving on to the next area.

The intention of Ali to help her mom is pure, but the action required for her to help is not desirable. It isn’t easy to tolerate the action, but the game speaks reality. The story and actions involved in the game will let you understand these circumstances. The story is very touching that most gamers find it relatable.


The Big Con has been receiving positive feedback because of its features. It has just been released in the market, but many people are already talking about it across the world. These are some of the impressive edges of The Big Con.

The graphics are the best feature of The Big Con. The arty style is what makes the game more fun. It will give you a nostalgic vibe, especially the aesthetic cartoons with a ’90s vibe. It’s very similar to the art style of Rugrats or Doug if you’re familiar with these classic games. Moreover, the color palette used is also exceptional. As you continue to play the game and unveil new scenarios, you’ll end up wanting more. Plus, the sketchy characterization will push you to utilize your thieving powers, which you’ll realize that she’s doing it for good.

You’ll encounter different locations, but you only have one goal, which is to steal money. One of the ways you can have money is through pickpocketing NPCs. At first, you might struggle in understanding how it works until you get the purpose of why you have to do it and how you’ll be able to do it well. You might have a lot of mistakes in trying to master the task, but you’ll have all the time you need. You’ll have to master it to be able to move on to the next round.

Aside from pickpocketing, you’ll also encounter other tasks on every level. You need to have a certain amount in different ways. Pickpocketing will let you find objects like a pawnbroker, which you can also sell for added cash.

Side quests are another features that make this game more interesting, but these are optional. If you want to experience full adventure, it’s best to do these side quests for a satisfying game experience. What’s fun about side quests is that it comes from people who Ali robbed. Moreover, it works as an incentive system if you want to do some quests. All you need to do is hit the money threshold, and you can move on to the next level.

The music is also another good feature of this game. The developer handled music well that on every level, you’ll enjoy listening to the music playing in the background. When you get to another theme, another music will play, which is soothing in the ears. The music complements the graphic design of the entire game, and it’s unlikely for you to experience boredom when you can hear its music.

If you’re expecting any combat in the game, don’t get your hopes up because it’s not its focus. There’s no need for any weapon or battles to win because the game focuses more on how Ali can earn a lot to pay for the loan shark. The game focuses on selling items and stealing money from people in the scene. Also, there are side quests that will let you earn extra.

Lastly, the storyline of the video game is why many gamers give it a try. The story touches a lot of hearts, but it’s not also something that others would tolerate. Since the main character wants to help her family save the video store, she’s been doing not pleasing tasks, such as stealing. The purpose of the action is touching, but the solution is not desirable. A parent wouldn’t want their children to do undesirable stuff to get something good out of it. It’s like the story of Robin Hood. Nonetheless, the interactions of different characters are worth your time.


The Big Con received an average score from the gamers. There’s a mixture of good and bad feedback about the game, but more gamers appreciated and loved it.

The best feature that a lot of gamers admired was the graphics. It’s unique and fun. It’s making games enjoy the game as they progress during the game. The 1990s vibe is impressive, and the graphics designing team made sure you will not feel any boredom as you play it. If you love playing Rugrats way back, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy playing this game.

Another reason why gamers love it is the music.  Many gamers think that the selection of music is exceptional, and every music complements a specific situation. As you play it, you will enjoy the colorful graphics and the music while pickpocketing someone. The music depends on the theme, but everything is enjoyable.

Lastly, uncovering secrets is also another part of the game which gamers love. As you explore the locations, you’ll find clues and uncover secrets in the area. The reward system per level was never a problem as per gamers. Gaining is reasonable once you finished the task, and gamers also appreciate that part.

On the other hand, there are also other points that the developer needs to improve, such as the main task of the game. The pickpocketing instructions are unclear, and you’ll have to experience many trial-and-error situations to get the instructions. Other games didn’t appreciate how complicated the instruction was, and it might be challenging for other gamers to understand it clearly.

Also, the story’s plot needs a bit more improvement to make the game exceptional further. Some games suggest it have multiple endings, which is suitable for its kind of game.

Nonetheless, the Big Con is another video game that you should not miss out on. You can play this adventure game on your Xbox or PC, and understanding the entire game is not hassling at all. It’s full of interaction, which will guide how you need to play the game.

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