The Future of Taxi Drivers: Neo Cab Review

Gone were the days that you have to wait outside and hope that a cab will pass by. Today, all you need is a mobile device, an application, and an internet connection to request a taxi to fetch you. This real-world innovation is the base ground of Neo Cab and with a touch of futuristic imagery.

The game’s on-the-go platform allows you to enjoy its features anywhere you go. You can play it using your mobile phone, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and even PC. What should you be expecting as you begin your journey in Los Ojos?

Below are some of the important details that you should not miss before hitting that play button.

Gameplay Review

In Neo Cab, you will play as Lina. You are the last human cab driver in Los Ojos, and your challenge is maintaining a decent relationship with your passengers to keep that five-star rating. As someone alone in the city, all you can do to survive is drive and choose your passengers well. Listen and learn from their stories and make sure that you are in the right mood to drive because it has a huge impact on your performance.

The game’s developer succeeded in providing a platform where your skill in managing conversations is challenged. Plus, it comes with neon graphics showing the possible future that the world will face with technological advances each day. What you must do is to survive, not by killing your passengers, but by providing them a smooth and peaceful ride from point A to point B.

Apart from your main focus, it will also help if you also allot some of your time finding clues about your friend’s whereabouts who has gone missing with no tracks left behind. You also need to track your money, fuel, and emotions. Your moods are dictated by a bracelet that you wear when driving. Your emotional stability is essential in this game.

However, the game’s finale might disappoint you. I will not spill what or why, but it would seem that your efforts were all futile. Are you now wondering why? Go and experience the game’s entirety for you to get the answer and kill the curiosity.

Graphics and Audio Review

Playing Neo Cab is also an adventure of colors. As the common stereotype that our future will be filled with robots, it is not surprising that the game’s overall vibe is eccentric, robotic, and technology savvy. The music is upbeat, and it comes with a repetitive playlist that will get stuck on your memory for some time.

Overall Experience

Controlling your game is an easy task compared to PUBG, COD, or Mobile Legends. It does not have complex commands that will get you overwhelmed when playing. The most unforgettable part of this game is the storyline of each character that will ride your cab. Plus, you should not miss any detail because your friend is still out there, missing again.

It is a whole new experience of becoming human in an extremely digital world.

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