The Rift Breaker Review: Best Action-RPG Game to Play

Gamers have their favorite genres, and RPG is one of the most played genres in the market. Gamers always enjoy RPG games, regardless if it’s in 2D or 3D graphics. A lot also find these games challenging but interesting because there are levels with a different focus. Those who want to refresh their mind from stress and set their gaming mood typically play this genre. 

On another note, there are too many RPG games available in the market. It’s not easy to pick, especially when you don’t have a preference at all. If you’re struggling to find a fun game to play on your Xbox, PlayStation, or computer, you can never go wrong with EXOR Studios’ game. Here’s the Rift Breaker review to consider for a fresh and unforgettable gaming experience. 

Game Information

  • Released Date: October 14, 2021
  • Developer: EXOR Studios
  • Publisher: EXOR Studios, Maximum Games
  • Genre: Role-Playing Game, Action RPG
  • Console: Personal Computer, PlayStation, and Xbox


The story of the game is about building a base to reach the planet named Galatea 37. The protagonist is Captain Ashley S. Nowak, and she’s an elite scientist who is also a commando in a powerful Mecha-suit. Her objective is to enter a one-way portal to the distant planet called Galatea 37, and it’s along the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. The goal is to build a base that will let her go back to Earth. Aside from that, another goal is to colonize. 

The Mecha-suit of Ashley is called “Mr. Riggs,” and it can withstand the toughest environmental conditions. Moreover, it has a lot of tools to use in constructing a base, gathering specimens, and resource extraction. Moreover, it can travel through cracks that link space across vast distances. 


It’s a role-playing and action game in 3D graphics, and it focuses on construction and survival. It’s loaded with action because the protagonist is a commando, and she’ll explore a different world without knowing what lies ahead. You have to build a base that will serve as a portal so she can travel back to Earth, and you’ll have to collect all the resources you need in building the base. You’ll also need to collect samples and continue to research new inventions if you want to survive. There’s a lot of adventure to expect in this game, which is why it’s very interesting. 

Aside from the objectives, it comes with a combat system that’s hack & slash. You’ll encounter enemies as you explore the world and gather resources. 

You can play it in a single-player mode, or you can also consider an online co-op if you want to play with your friends. Suppose you prefer to play it with someone else.  


The Rift Breaker comes with many interesting features that you’ll admire, like the following. 

The graphics of the game is one feature that will steal your attention. It comes in a 3D style, which makes it very sophisticated, especially its space-themed background. The graphics team did an excellent job in designing the background of the game. Furthermore, you’ll also love how the characters are designed, which is why many gamers enjoy playing it.

The story of the game is also another thing that you’ll admire. Unlike other action games in the market that don’t have a story at all, you’ll find the story of this video game interesting because the main character is building a portal that will lead the captain back to Earth for colonization. She traveled to Galatea 37 on a one-way portal, which is why she doesn’t have another way to build a portal that will link this plant to Earth. Aside from that, it’s a story of survival because she’ll have to battle other enemies while building the base. 

There’s a combat system as well if you’re looking for a thrill. It uses hack-and-slash gaming combat, which you’ll enjoy as you battle with enemies on the said planet. It’s not very brutal, but it has the right amount of action you need to make the game more interesting. You’ll find resources to battle with enemies, which is challenging enough since you also need to figure out how you can build the portal.

Lastly, the gameplay is easy to understand despite the level of difficulty. It’s challenging in some ways, but you’ll enjoy playing it either way because it doesn’t only focus on building the base. You’ll need to think of a way to survive while being able to do what you need to do. Moreover, you will also experience doing some researches, which is why many gamers find the overall gameplay fun and challenging. 


The Rift Breaker is unlike a typical RPG game in the market that will give nothing but boredom. Many gamers gave it an above-average rating because it has different quests to explore. 

The gameplay is easy to comprehend, but it doesn’t mean it’s boring and easy to play. It’s also challenging because you don’t only focus on building a base or gathering resources. You also have to do some research, which is in line to finish the portal linking Earth and Galatea 37. Aside from that, you also have to fight enemies.

It also has a combat system, which games appreciate even though it’s a hack-and-slash combat system. Since you’ll have to battle with enemies, you can do some fighting skills to fight these. These enemies can compromise the base you’re building, which is why you should take on these to make sure there are no interruptions. 

Lastly, the graphics are exceptional. Many gamers admired the graphics of the game, from the background to the characters. The team undoubtedly did an excellent job in designing the entire game. 

If you’re yearning for something new, you should consider the Rift Breaker video game. It has a fresh concept that you’ll enjoy once you get to explore the planet of Galatea 37. It’s not only focusing on action, but it’s also enhancing your survival skills and creativity. You can play this game on your PlayStation, Xbox, or even personal computer. 

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