The Sequel: Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection Review

How’s life going during the lockdown? Is time going slower, and is boredom eating you up? It might be the best time for you to try a new game that will excite your nerves. If you were an avid adventurer of the 1988 arcade game Ghoul ‘n Ghosts, you will probably like its sequel.

Yes, you heard it right! New challenges await you and the rest of the characters in this addicting game. Do you know what else should irk your curiosity? Many players label it as the most difficult game of all time!

So if you are now ready to take a trip on what Ghoul ‘n Ghosts can offer, here is a concise review of the game. Who knows? Your boring Saturday afternoon will now be filled with challenges that stir your logic and imagination.

Gameplay Review

You will play Knight Arthur’s character as he is on his way to save the love of his life, Princess Prin-Prin. You need to defeat the skeletons, zombies, cyclops, and others in each stage so that you can get a step closer to Astaroth, who is the King in the Demon World. Make sure not to be hit by your rivals twice, or you will lose your life and restart the whole level.

However, you do not need to worry that you might fail in helping Arthur. You shall be able to get upgraded weapons along the way that can easily kill the ghosts and goblins. Plus, the more Umbral Bees you collect, the more money you have in upgrading your spells. If you reached halfway through the game before you lost, you could replay from there.

The famous ‘Gotcha!’ expression of the rivals from its previous version is still a unique feature in Ghosts ‘n Goblin. Each stage comes with a different atmosphere that will send you panic and excitement all at once.

If there is one thing that you should master here, it is the art of quick response and reflex. Skeletons may come anywhere, and airborne threats are present on all stages. Once you finish the entire story after killing the final boss, you need to replay it to reach the ultimate and final battle.

You can also have a second player who will act as one of the Three Wise Guys. They can protect you and aid you in crossing bridges.

Graphics and Audio Review

The game’s display graphics are the best part about playing this game. Each stage comes with unique styles and backgrounds that make it look like a storybook. If you are a fan of stop-motion art, that is what you will experience here.

Plus, its retro background music makes the entire game a total detour to the past with a modern touch of its controls and the entire experience.

Overall Experience

It would be best to have enough patience when playing Ghosts ‘n Goblin because trying multiple times is a common scenario. It is fun, addicting, and a good way to relieve stress. There is no wonder why single or multiplayer gamers recommend this game on any smartphone device.

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